Meghan McCain Slams 'Cowardly' Republicans as 'The View' Rips Donald Trump's 'Racist' and 'Dangerous' Tweets

It was a rare moment of total agreement on ‘The View,’ as they all unloaded on POTUS.

Meghan McCain came out swinging against her own party on "The View" Monday morning, criticizing Republicans for not speaking out against Donald Trump’s weekend tweets, which have since won him the Twitter nickname "Racist President" and "Racist In Chief."

INCYMI: Trump told four Democratic congresswomen to "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came" (see full thread at the bottom of this post). His comments were in reference to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Tashida Talib and Rep. Ayanna Pressley — who were all born in the states — and Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was born in Somalia but became a naturalized citizen in her teens.

"It’s deeply xenophobic and racist on a number of different levels," said McCain this morning. "My sister was not born in this country, my sister wasn’t born here, she’s as American in every way as I am and everybody else."

While McCain said Trump could have made "legitimate criticisms" of this group of women, which Meghan herself has done on the morning show, he instead made it "about race, about racism and it’s all these old racist dogwhistles that have plagued this country for so long."

"For me, as the conservative representative on this show, I was so upset … this is what people think all conservatives are now and we are not," she continued. She then told her more liberal cohosts to "have a free for all" on the Republican party.

"The cowardice I’m seeing, Republicans not speaking out today, is embarrassing," she added. "It can’t be just me and Geraldo. It is very petrifying that there is not one sitting member of Congress that will come out against this."

Joy Behar thanked McCain for not drinking the Kool-Aid, adding that the "Republican leadership is disgraceful right now."

"This is very dangerous," added Whoopi Goldberg. "You don’t want to be telling people to go back to their country, because if we gotta go, you’re going too. If you’re not Native American, you don’t belong here either. They’re the first Americans. The rest of us, whether we got here on top of the boat or beneath the boat, we all got there from somewhere else. Don’t do this again."

Sunny Hostin was also discouraged by the sheer number of people who liked Trump’s tweets, asking "what does that say about those people and the people we live with every day in our country?"

She also admitted she was shocked to hear such "hurtful" comments coming from the President of the United States.

Below are Trump’s tweets:

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