Maxine's illness lies are exposed in Hollyoaks

Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) has been fooling everyone in Hollyoaks into believing that she’s seriously ill, but the truth is set to be exposed courtesy of Dr Levi Rochester (Cerith Flinn), who — after being given his marching orders several weeks back — takes yet another interest in the young woman’s mysterious illness.

For several months, Maxine has been faking symptoms and staging falls in order to make out that she’s suffering from a potentially deadly illness. However, her impromptu appearance on This Morning opposite Alison Hammond several weeks back has proven to be her downfall, as it raised the accomplished Dr Levi’s interests and, as a result, he came to the village in the hopes of investigating her case further.

In spite of his good intentions, Levi didn’t get off to the best of starts, as — after Damon (Jacob Roberts) overheard him discussing the possibility of Maxine faking her illness with Mitchell (Imran Adams) — Maxine made it clear that she didn’t want the doc’s help.

However, with a few weeks having passed since this incident, Levi wants to review Maxine’s case once more, so he decides to pay her a visit. Later, he makes it clear that he believes she’s faking her symptoms.

Maxine’s not pleased to hear what Levi has to say, and she’s left fuming when he suggests it would be good for her to get booked in with a psychologist.

What will Maxine’s next move be?

What’s more, with Dr Levi having seen through her lies, could it only be a matter of time until all the residents of Hollyoaks  — including Damon — find out the truth?

If so, it would no doubt put an end to her wedding preparations, that’s for sure!

One to watch: Tuesday 16th July  at 7pm on E4.

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