Martina Big on mission to have world’s BIGGEST boobs — which weigh MORE than 2 water cooler bottles

Martina Big — the woman who claims to have changed her identity from white German to black African — has made a return to the This Morning sofa.

After making an appearance in front of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in January to discuss how she has changed race, she is now on a mission to have the world’s biggest breasts.

Phillip and Holly, and the ITV shows viewers, were left stunned to learn that her breasts will eventually weigh more than a water cooler bottle each.

Martina told them: “The actual record holder has 9000cc but my implants [will be] the biggest breast implants in the world and each side [will] have 20,000cc, which is 20 litres each side. At the moment we have 6300cc, which is more than six litres per side.”

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Discussing how her breast tissue needs to stretch in order to fit the extra saline in, she continued: “The breast tissue has to grow and has to stretch. I also need to train my muscles regularly… I have a custom made sports bra and I do sports every two days to train all the muscles and I’m going step by step.

“It works very fast. Every one week or two weeks, they can pump them up and put more saline [in].”

Phillip then informed Martina and the show’s viewers that the heaviest thing they could find were water coolers bottles, which weigh 18.9 litres each — more than a litre less than what Martina’s breasts will weigh.

He then invited Martina to lift the bottles, with her saying she would be able to carry the weight around due to training.

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However, she did admit that the heaviness would take its toll on her spine in later life, and she would have a breast reduction when the time comes.

“When I’m really, really old, I’m sure I’ll go a little bit down…but I’m going to go bigger and bigger and bigger,” she explained.

She continued: “I like big breasts. When I got started, my goal size was 2000cc, when I reached 2000cc, I wanted more, and my insides are really stretchy, they can handle more.

“When I changed I had 8300cc per side and then with the new implants we had to restart and I had 5000cc and now I have 6300cc, so I’m going step by step.”

Discussing complications of the implants and what would happen if they were to explode, Martina said: “You get saline liquid in a lot of medicines, it’s not dangerous. If the implants break, it will go down and you go to the toilet.

“It’s complicated but when it breaks it goes into the breast tissue and then the breast tissues collects it and brings it down to the bladder.”

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