Married at First Sight's Morag hits back as viewer tells her 'I hope you get raped'

MARRIED At First Sight star Morag Crichton has hit back at a troll viewer who told her they hoped "she got raped".

The reality star took to her Instagram stories to reveal the horrying comment as she hit back that trolling should be "illegal".

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This week, Morag and her husband Luke looked to be calling in quits in a teaser for the show – which sees couples wed the first time they meet.

The couple reached boiling point after Morag revealed that she didn't see a future with Luke, despite him confessing his love for her.

In sparked another wave of internet trolling for the reality star, who was recently sent messages by a vile follower who told her to commit suicide.

Now, Morag is taking to her Instagram stories to shame some of the sick trolls after one dubbed her an "ungrateful piece of s***".

She posted a screengrab of the DM telling her to "get raped", which was sent in response to a chatty clip of herself on her social media.

"No one carees about your pants b****, I hope you get raped you ungrateful piece of s***," the twisted troll had messaged her.

"How this is not illegal I don't know," she hit back underneath the snap, from which she had taken care to remove the commenters name.

Wednesday night's episode of MAFS saw Morag's husband Luke left red-faced after she discovered a saucy sex toy in his bedroom.

The couple visited his home in Wales to get a feel for life together after the experiment when she discovered the rampant rabbit penis ring.

Luke, who claimed to have forgotten all about it as he appeared flustered, said: "It's been in there a year. It was a joke."

She was also unimpressed by his spare room which was packed with gym equipment and decorated with glittery blue wallpaper.

In a tense episode, Luke was tipped over the edge by Morag and insisted: "I'm done" as he called time on their relationship.

Speaking to her pals, Morag revealed that she doesn't see a future with Luke – despite him confessing his love to her.

Meanwhile, a distraught Luke admitted that he felt like an "absolute mug" – and was left shocked when Morag admitted she wasn't in love with him.

He then dropped a huge surprise bombshell that he no longer wanted to have kids.

Earlier in the series, Morag revealed that she didn't want children, which stumped Luke – but he appeared to have had a change of heart.

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