Married at First Sight’s biggest transformations from man bun to botox

Married at First Sight Australia burst onto E4 just a few weeks ago, leaving fans glued to their screens on a daily basis, waiting for the next drama to unfold.

The show was originally filmed back in 2018 and was aired Down Under in 2019 but fans on the Western side of the world are only just being treated to the scandalous series.

While the show may have already flown past the half-way point, we've seen break ups, affairs, argument upon argument and hunky transformations but viewers still haven't seen it all.

Many of the cast members are active on social media, keeping their thousands of fans up to speed on their daily life – and, of course, what they look like now.

Daily Star is here to bring you just some of the biggest transformations yet.

Ines Basic

Ines is arguably one of the biggest stars to emerge from season six thanks to her snarky comments and her affair with Sam Ball who was dating Elizabeth at the time, while Ines was dating Bronson.

However, Sam has strenuously denied the claims that the pair became romantically involved with one another.

But since the show aired, Ines who boasts 206,000 Instagram followers looks very different, with much lighter hair that she has chopped off to a swift mid-length do.

She has also been vocal about her cosmetic work since leaving the show, admitting she has had lip filler, botox and pearly white veneers which resulted in a sort-of jaw reconstruction.

It's estimated that Ines, 30, has had around £25,000 worth of cosmetic work.

She told The Sun: "When the dentist redid my mouth it changed the alignment and it was sort of like having a jaw reconstruction too.

"I also get Botox in masseter muscles, that’s why my face now looks a lot different."

Sam Ball

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Sam certainly saw his fair share of drama while appearing on the show, after tying the knot with Elizabeth, he fled from their honeymoon in order to attend the funeral of his ex-girlfriend.

The Aussie hunk boasted an impressive six-pack as well as a well-trimmed beard and hair cut while on the show but things have certainly taken a different turn for him.

Sam has since shaven his hair off, going for the rugged look while still having a neatly trimmed beard that looks well-oiled.

It's been reported that he has since signed up for the army and graduated from the Kapooka Army Recruit Training programme in Canberra.

His social media is flooded with gym snaps, flaunting his bulging biceps and impressive body art to his 94,000 followers.

Elizabeth Sobinoff

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Elizabeth has had perhaps the biggest transformation of all – looking completely unrecognisable since filming the much talked about show.

Nowadays, the 29-year-old boasts a resemblance to pop singer Ariana Grande thanks to her killer cheekbones and luscious locks.

She has since lost over one stone after Sam told the cameras that he "had never dated someone as big as her," on the day of their wedding.

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Since walking away from the show, she hit the gym and followed the strict 5:2 diet.

During filming, Elizabeth was known for her love of eyeliner and her blonde tresses, nowadays, her look is much more natural with flowing brunette locks and a touch of eyeliner.

Billy Vincent

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Billy wasted no time heading straight to the gym and bulking up.

Despite entering the show halfway through, Billy became an instant hit with fans thanks to his kind nature as well as showing his true emotions.

He burst into tears following an argument with wife Susie over a sugar substitute leaving viewers stunned.

However, most Married at First Sight viewers now swoon over Billy's social media snaps, showing off his muscular physique and impressive abs that no doubt saw him shed a few tears.

Billy has also grown a well-maintained beard adding a touch of ruggedness to his fresh-faced look.

Michael Brunelli

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Michael looks a world away from his former self after winning fans over.

During the show, viewers were left in awe of the Aussie hunk after seeing his relationship with wife Martha blossom, before seeing Michael working as a teacher.

However, after his appearance on Married at First Sight, Michael has moved to Bondi with Martha and their relationship is as strong as ever.

But that's not the only change he's had – despite sporting a trendy man bun on the show, Michael has since taken a shaver to his head, opting to go for the shorter look.

While some may view that as a drastic move, he opted to go one step further and dyed his brunette locks blond.

Nowadays, his hair is back to its natural colour but he's grown a short beard.

Married At First Sight Australia continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on E4.

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