Mama June's daughter Pumpkin, 20, shows off major weight loss in sexy jumpsuit

MAMA June's daughter Pumpkin showed off her major weight loss in a sexy jumpsuit.

The 20-year-old has been sharing her journey on social media and crediting the product Boom Bod Weight Loss Shot Drink with helping her lose the weight.

Pumpkin, whose real name is Lauryn Efird, wrote on Instagram: "F**k being good, ima bad b***h."

She showed off her figure posing in front of a mirror wearing an orange and navy striped jumpsuit.

The mom to two-year-old Ella posted in July: "ad talk about a bounce back @boombod has me feeling on track with my summer goals. After the last few months at home…my routine just wasn’t cutting it – these shots always give me the results I’m looking for.

"They’re designed to help with cravings & bloat, and I always find they help me when I need an extra boost! Give these a try and make sure to get the Black Currant."

In the spring Lauren also took to Instagram sharing a picture of her in leggings and a tank top.

She also showed off her shrinking stomach claiming the drinks have been helping "keep my cravings down, and my motivation up."

She added: "Stuck at home and looking to make the most of it? Try these while they have buy one get one free tonight!"

Lauren has also criticized by fans for promoting the controversial diet product on her social media.

Boom Bod Weight Loss Shot Drink promotes it helps reduce appetite and bloating, but its benefits have not been proven.

However, Lauren's sisters Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon have reportedly followed in their mom's footsteps and gone under the knife to dramatically transform their bodies.

In June,Mama June burst into tears when she reunited with Pumpkin on a Not to Hot episode after being estranged from her daughters following her financial woes and drug arrests.

In her Instagram Stories, June said in an upbeat clip: "Hopefully y'all are watching the show tonight.

"It's going to be a true tearjerker and emotional. I'm back!"

The cash-strapped star then quickly moved on, going on to tell fans how they can pay to get in touch with her.

Meanwhile, Lauren may be trying to expand her family and she's trying to lose weight.

Pumpkin posted a picture of her and Josh cuddling up to each other and added: "Old to us new to y’all. I love you big head @official_josh_efird."

One fan then commented: "Y'all need to have another baby! Love y'all!"

In reply, Pumpkin said: "most definitely trying."

The mom-of-one and Josh have also taken legal guardianship of her younger sister Honey Boo Boo, as their mom June continues to battle addiction and legal issues.

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