MAFSA' Mick Gould slams ex Jessika Power and says he'd 'rather jump in nettles than waste another minute' with her

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Mick Gould has slammed his ex Jessika Power admitting he'd "rather jump in nettles than waste another minute" with her.

The 33-year-old took part in an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday when he was quizzed about his 'ex-wife'.

The farmer was asked by a fan if he would rather jump in stinging nettles or waste another minute with Jess?

The Aussie star, who had never heard of the plant, firmly replied: 'Stinging nettles, whatever the f*** that is."

Mick strolled around his sprawling farm in a blue polo shirt and baseball cap as he answered questions.

The MAFS star also revealed that the cast were strongly advised on how to behave.

He said: "We weren't told what to do, we were strongly encouraged, very f***ing strongly."

He also confirmed that he's not seen Jessika or spoken to her since the show aired.

Mick was paired with blonde bombshell Jessika on the 2019 series of Married At First Sight Australia, which has only recently aired in the UK.

Brits were left shocked as they watched her scandalous affair with fellow contestant Dan unfold – behind both of their spouses' backs.

She forced husband Mick to remain in the show so that she could keep seeing Dan, and eventually they were allowed to continue on the series as a couple.

However, things did not work out in the long run, and Jessika went public with new boyfriend Filip earlier this year.

The cast reunited earlier this year for another showdown, the reunion episode will air in the UK later this year.

Jessika broke down in tears during the reunion show admitting she regrets cheating.

The 26-year-old has revealed her pain over hurting her ex-husband Mick and love rival Tamara, admitting it's "hard to watch" herself back on the hit Aussie reality show.

Wiping away her tears, she replied: "It's hard to watch Mick and Tamara hurt like that. It was also hard to watch Dan and my final vows, thinking that I was with someone who loved me."

Jessika admitted that she's done a lot of growing up after she was left "heartbroken" from her split with Dan.

She continued: "Thinking I was with someone who actually wanted a life with me. I moved my entire life to the Gold Coast for this man, only to find out it wasn't really what he wanted."

The star was left sobbing as she tried to get her words out, she explained: "I did love Dan, we both probably did hurt one another.

"It's just hard to watch because I don't think he really thought I was serious as I was. He just wasn't the guy for me, which is hurtful because we hurt people to get that."

Mick has well and truly moved on and is now in a relationship with The Bachelor's Kayla Gray. Meanwhile Jessika went public with new boyfriend Filip  Poznanovic earlier this year.

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