MAFS UKs Matt and Dan give verdict on the couples who wont make it

Married at First Sight UK stars Matt Jameson and Dan McKee could not be happier after being matched by experts on the hit show last year. With Matt even telling us he even watches his wedding video back on repeat.

But Matt, 39, and Dan, 27, have also been tuning in to watch the programme. And they reveal to OK! who they think will last after the show comes to an end.

Matt and Dan firstly gave their thoughts on whether Duka Cav, 31, and Whitney Hughes, also 31, are turning a corner.

Fans have threatened to call Ofcom over Whitney's 'rude' behaviour, and Dan revealed he thought there was "no chance" of them lasting because it looked like Whitney "was done". But he said we saw a "massive change" in Whitney after she spoke with expert Mel Schilling, 50.

"And then they had that chat with Mel and now they're like love's young dream, but I think maybe deep down she’s maybe thinking this isn't working," he said. "Who knows what their reasons are, but wasn't there such a massive change in Whitney? We don’t know what’s true and what’s not."

Matt added that viewers are still questioning whether is it Whitney or Duka that is "the horrible one". But he said people need to consider the "initial reactions" of the stars when they first meet at the altar.

"I think in the long run, you've got to take the initial reactions of people when they first meet," he said. "Going forward, even if they're trying to make it work, they've got some respect for each other now. And they've probably got a friendship that's building."

However, Matt concluded: "But in terms of a long, long-lasting relationship, it’s not going to happen."

Last week, viewers saw Chanita Stephenson, 29, get stuck in the middle of a secret feud between her co-stars Thomas Hartley, 31, and April Banbury, 32.

After seeing Thomas break down on the sofa with Adrian Sanderson, 37, by his side, Dan said Thomas clearly "has some demons", which results in him "becoming quite angry" on screen.

Dan told us: "He’s had some hard experiences in life and I suppose then he’s used to certain ways and I think he can become quite angry towards other people but maybe doesn't necessarily mean it to be that way."

The star then addressed Adrian having to "mother" Thomas when situations have become too heated.

"And then you see Adrian as well, having to almost mother Thomas, and to go through that experience isn't necessarily fair on him. But it's a real mix of people. I think they all have good qualities," he shared.

This series previously saw April kiss a woman while on her honeymoon with husband George Roberts, which has created a lot of buzz online.

Dan admitted he would have been "annoyed" – like George – if his husband Matt kissed someone else while on their honeymoon.

"You’ve come on that journey and it's meant to be a serious thing," Dan says. "You really are committed for a long time as well. And you're told if you want to find the one, you have to work at it. So I would have been disheartened if you were to kissed a girl or a guy," he said.

Matt agreed, adding: "I would have been as upset as George I think because to me it would reflect on the fact that you're not taking it seriously. Because you wouldn't do that in a normal situation."

He went on to say that George handled himself well in the situation and felt that April was "insensitive" to how he was feeling.

"I thought April was a bit insensitive to how we felt, she was just kind of brushing it off as if it didn't mean anything," he confessed. "She needed to understand that something like that was upsetting to him. She needed to accept that and apologise for it but she was still kind of saying it doesn't really matter."


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