MAFS UK fans call out Kwame as he asks if Sophie plans on getting bigger

Married at First Sight UK fans were left unimpressed on Tuesday night at Kwame's remarks while defending fellow contestant Jonathan.

During a dinner party when tensions were already running high, Jonathan defended some of his previous comments in which he had admitted he wouldn’t be attracted to his wife Sophie if she gained weight.

While the other women at the party tried to argue that comments like that needed to be made with more care, as they didn’t take into account the sensitivity surrounding personal issues such as eating disorders or experiences with food – Kwame defended his friend Jonathan, by arguing that his point was a valid preference.

Jumping in to argue for Jonathan’s view point Kwame took things one step further as he asked Sophie directly: "Do you plan on getting bigger?”

Immediately Chanita jumped to Sophie's defence arguing: "Nobody ever plans on getting bigger."

But Kwame remained undeterred as he continued: "Listen Sophie, you go the gym regularly right? Do you plan on getting any bigger?"

As Sophie looked on in shock alongside her fellow contestants, fans at home were quick to share their thoughts on social media.

“Why is Kwame asking Sophie if she’s “planning on getting bigger”? These men are unhinged,” wrote one fan.

Another also agreed, adding: “Nobody plans on getting bigger Kwame. Dumbest comment after womenswear bodies go through sooo much.”

A third fan also weighed in on the situation, as they wrote:  "Kwame I cannot believe this! What am I hearing?"

A fourth fan also remained unimpressed as they said: “‘If you’re a 10 but you got to a 12 or a 14, that’s unacceptable to me.’ ‘Do you plan on getting bigger?’ ‘Control it’. The worst series of comments IN A ROW. F*****g awful.”

One fan also argued that love should be unconditional and not dependant on dress size as they said: “If you love someone, you love someone. It shouldn’t matter if someone gets a bit bigger.”

It comes after Monday night’s episode, when Jonathan snubbed his wife Sophie in tense scenes that left several viewers at home cringing.

During a heart to heart chat with several of his fellow contestants, Jonathan savagely revealed that he wasn’t physically attracted to Sophie, even going so far as to clarify that he didn’t “want to rip Sophie’s clothes off” – despite having already slept with her.

Discussing a lack of intensity in their relationship, Jonathan opened up about what he felt was missing as he said: “Sometimes you meet someone and you want to just rip their clothes off. "

"That intensity, that…it’s just a feeling you have between each other. Not necessarily just you, but it’s reciprocated and it’s there.”

Interjecting Kwame then clarified in disbelief: “Hold on a minute, you’re saying you don’t want to rip Sophie’s clothes off?”

To which Jonathan replied: “Well…yeah.”

Married At First Sight UK continues at 9pm on E4.


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