MAFS UK: Amy and Joshua vow to stay together after finale delayed by ‘technical issues’

Married at First Sight UK: Amy is over an hour late for wedding

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The Married At First Sight finale aired on Friday night, and it saw rollercoaster couple Amy and Joshua decide to stay together. The pair have had their fair share of arguments on the show, but they worked against the odds and vowed to stay with each other. Channel 4 also faced backlash after a repeat episode was aired instead of the finale, pushing back the reveal to viewers.

After being delayed a day by technical issues, Channel 4’s Married At First Sight finale finally aired, giving viewers the drama they needed.

Amy Christophers and Joshua Christie surprised fans and vowed to stay married despite weeks of arguments over the smallest things.

The pair ultimately decided that they were going to put their past behind them and move forward in their relationship.

Due to ‘ongoing technical issues’ across the network, the final episode was aired a day late, with a repeat episode being aired instead of the finale.

Although the pair decided to stay together, their vows to one another didn’t seem to be the most promising.

Amy began: “You called me needy, and let me tell you, I’m a strong independent woman, I don’t need anyone.

“I ask myself, am I being mugged off? Am I wasting my time on someone who is just not that into me?

“But as I was giving up, you fought for us and stepped up to meet me at my level where you’ve continued climbing,” she expressed.

Amy went on to say that she wanted to make their relationship work, however, Joshua interrupted and said he sometimes found her “selfish.”

He continued: “But despite the difficulties we faced, I can truly see why we were matched, you are an incredible woman who brought things out in me that I never knew existed.”.

Amy has recently said she didn’t think bosses gave enough context when it came to her and Josh’s arguments.

She told “They’re not showing any context and then the bread thing… that was the day I lost my rag with the whole process, and I wanted to leave.

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“Also, I was told I was going to Cornwall, so I was really excited to see my dog and my friends and family, and then last minute they didn’t have enough camera people. 

“So, I was gutted, and it was just a build-up of everything for me personally that day, and it was just like my meltdown day,” she said. 

The finale also saw Morag committing to partner Luke after she previously expressed that he wasn’t the one for her. 

Adam and Tayah also vowed to keep their relationship going, with the pair agreeing to re-marry each other. 

Viewers were left fuming when they realised a previous episode had been aired rather than the finale they had all been anticipating. 

Furious fans took to social media to express their frustration, with the episode being pulled off air after the first advert break.

A ‘sonic wave’ which took Channel 4 off air at the weekend left viewers faced with a purple screen and a message reading: “Programmes will continue shortly.” 

Despite the technical difficulties Channel 4 has been facing recently, a reunion special scheduled to air on Monday will go ahead as planned. 

Married At First Sight season six is available to watch on All4. 
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