MAFS star Nikita's foul mouthed rant slamming ‘haters’ after calls for her to be axed after ‘domestic violence’ scenes

MARRIED At First Sight star Nikita has slammed her "haters" in a foul mouthed rant after viewers called for her to be axed from the show.

Viewers were left disgusted after watching the Geordie star throw a coffee cup at new husband Ant Poole after demanding her own hotel room.

Furious fans of the show have called for Nikita to be given the boot after her conduct was branded an act of "domestic violence".

"This attitude is leading to physical violence," one wrote to Twitter. "She even threw a tissue or whatever in the dispute. She needs to be removed."

Another wrote: "Narcissistic alarm bells are ringing so loud. Get the poor boy out of this relationship. Nikita is absolutely toxic."

A third added: "Nikita will blow up once again. A certain demographic are gonna call this normal and she was emotional. It was abusive point blank."

Having read through the comments left by viewers of the E4 drama, Nikita, 27, has hit back at the "haters" in an Instagram video.

Waving two fingers at the camera, she began: "Can I just say, think before you speak, because for all you haters, me and Ant did have a lush honeymoon apart from that one day.

"But the rest of the eight, nine days we were there were wicked. So all of yous with hate, f*** yous all!"

It comes after Wednesday night's episode saw Nikita storm off the beach after Ant said he was not happy with her constantly asking him if he thought she had nice boobs and a bum.

She also asked his permission to sunbathe topless, with him replying he's not the man to tell her she can't.

She later insisted it was only "banter" when they tried to make up but they clashed spectacularly and she picked up the nearest object, chucking a takeaway coffee cup at her husband.

It was the final straw for Ant, who furiously roared at her in their hotel room: "If you want to get it out, get it out."

She stormed off swearing and screamed: "Put me in a different room to him, I am not sitting with him."

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Nikita later opened up to Ant on the beach as they tried to get to the bottom of why they had rowed, saying her fiery temper came from her dad.

Ant talked about his childhood and how that might have had an affect on him and the newlyweds hugged it out.

Earlier in the week she told the relationship gurus how she wanted a muscular 6ft hunk with green eyes and veneers.

Speaking to camera, she said: "They've just done the total f***ing opposite of what I've asked for.

"I mean obviously I was talking about looks quite a lot. Looks was a huge thing to me and I don't think they've listened to what I said."

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