Madison Hildebrand from 'Million Dollar Listing' Has Some Positive News to Share

After months of enduring one painful surgery after another, Madison Hildebrand from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles has some happy news to share.

Hildebrand fractured his hand in a freak kitchen accident several months ago. Unfortunately, physicians missed the fracture so Hildebrand’s hand didn’t heal properly. He began the process of one painful surgery after another and started counting the number of casts he had to wear.

With every visit came disappointing news. Hildebrand’s hand wasn’t healing as quickly as doctors (or Hildebrand) hoped and no end was in sight. However, he recently announced on Instagram that one huge hurdle to healing is complete.

The painful pins were removed

Hildebrand has taken fans along for the ride as he’s posted video and images of his hand without the cast. Doctors placed pins in his hand, which could be seen protruding underneath the skin. He often talked about how painful the pins were as he was constantly told his hand wasn’t quite healing all the way.

But recently, Hildebrand seemed hopeful. “Today is the day😁💫 for all my hardware to be surgically removed! Bye bye 👋metal! See you all on the “other side” and thank you all for showing me such amazing love, support & patience throughout this 18 month process!!” Hildebrand wrote along with a cute pre-op picture.

He also wanted to send his surgical team good vibes too. “Also, please let my doctors, nurses and the whole medical team have ZERO complications today, and I pray they too have a smooth surgery today with me. 🙏”

Surgery was a success

Hildebrand joyfully posted to his Instagram story. “Hi guys it’s Madison.,” he said with a smile on his face. “I have one message for you. And that is I feel amazing.”

He continued, “After 18 months of this and seven surgeries on my hand, I’m still in the cast,” he said showing his cast to the camera. “I have two more months. But it’s nothing compared to what I went through. I woke up from surgery on Thursday and those pins came out of me, and my energy has been renewed. My spirits have been lifted, the pain–oh my God–bye-bye.”

Hildebrand adds, “I’m just so happy right now. And thanks to all of you guys for so much support. I’m back to work, back to light activity at the gym and just being myself!” The light and joy are very apparent as Hildebrand is grinning from ear to ear.

He’s endured a lengthy journey

Hildebrand has dealt with one hit after another. Upon embarking upon his initial hand surgery, Hildebrand learned his beloved dog Maya was ill. Friends were staying with his dogs, Prince and Maya. “They called and said she wouldn’t stop panting and didn’t seem like she could get comfortable,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet in March. Hildebrand was in Minnesota having surgery at The Mayo Clinic and raced home to be by Maya’s side. Sadly, she passed away shortly upon his return.

Still saddened by his loss, Hildebrand pushed forward with his recovery. But often received discouraging news. “This has been one of the most difficult periods of my life,” he continued. “Emotionally, physically, painfully – I’m not a #happycamper right now,” he shared on Instagram.

“I’m so lucky to have the best doctors and support and love and friendship‍‍‍‍‍ that I do, and even that doesn’t give relief. One day at a time I know, if I hear it one more time I look forward to the strength that I gain from this experience and I really look forward to the day this isn’t affecting my decisions minute by minute.” Thankfully it appears that Hildebrand’s luck is changing.

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