Lucifer TV vs comics: What major change was made to Lucifer Morningstar?

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Lucifer fans might find it difficult to imagine anyone but Tom Ellis in the lead role of the popular series. However, he’s actually quite different from the character he was based on. has revealed more about this, including what Ellis himself thinks of the differences.

Fans of Lucifer will know the show is loosely based on the DC character of the same name.

Created by Neil Gaiman, he appears in The Sandman comic books as well as his own series.

Much like the character in the show, Lucifer leaves Hell after becoming bored of ruling over his dominion.

He moves first to Perth in Australia and then to Los Angeles in California, which will be familiar for television viewers.

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However, the television series does not follow the trajectory of the comics and there are actually some big differences.

One of the major changes made is the physical appearance of the devil.

In the comics, Lucifer is blonde-haired and was modelled after David Bowie.

However, fans will know Ellis’ Lucifer has a very different appearance being dark-haired and dark-eyed.

Ellis has previously opened up about how he wasn’t aware of what the character looked like when he first auditioned.

Back in 2016, he told FilmInk: “I got the script for this, auditioned for it, and was very excited when they offered it to me.

“Then when it was announced in the press, it said that it was based on a comic.

“And I genuinely didn’t know that! Then Neil Gaiman contacted me.


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“He’d seen the pilot episode and wanted to say how much he enjoyed it – and it was nice to have that sort of seal of approval.

“But I’m also glad that I wasn’t aware of the comic. My choices were purely based on what was in front of me.

“Apparently, after I got the job, there were discussions about whether I should dye my hair blonde, which thankfully were vetoed before they got to me.”

The show even makes reference to this change at one point in season one, episode 12.

When Lucifer turns up at someone’s doorstep, they respond: “You’re supposed to be blonde.”

Many fans have loved what Ellis has done with the character but there are some who wish he could be more like his source material.

Posting on Reddit, PlasticWillow wrote: “Glad we got the Lucifer we got though.”

But SPNLucifer argued: “Oh but Comic Lucifer is just… better in every possible way.

“I mean show Lucifer with even just Comic Lucifer’s personality and the current power set would be better then what we have now [sic].”

While qoreilly added: “I honestly think that when you adapt a TV show from a book people shouldn’t expect the characters to look exactly like the book.”

Lucifer season 5A is available to stream on Netflix now.

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