Love Island's Olivia Attwood proudly shows off 'new and shiny' TEETH as she tells fans 'I'm very happy'

LOVE Island star Olivia Attwood has proudly showed off her "new and shiny" TEETH as she has veneers fitted for the first time.

The former islander took to her Instagram stories to reveal the results of her dental procedure, which fitted her with new pearly whites.

Olivia, 30, smiled wide for the camera and pulled faces as she tried to best show off her brand new teeth – telling fans she was "very happy".

In a filtered clip on her social media page, the reality TV star said she couldn't wait to "share more pics" with her fans.

"Long morning in the chair but the new teeth are in, they are white and they are new and shiny and I'm very happy," Olivia said.

"My mouth is very swollen and sore," she added, before inviting fans to ask her questions about the dental procedure and her new gnashers.

Olivia got stuck in answering the Q&A straight away as she revealed it wasn't her first time getting veneers fitted.

"I previously had porcelain veneers on top and composite veneers on the bottom," she explained. "I did it as a quick fix as I couldn't be bothered to go through the longer procedure for the porcelain.

"They had chipped a lot and stained from coffee etc. My top ones had moved slightly where my fixed retainer at the back had broken and caused some damage."

She detailed how her old teeth lasted eight years before looking into getting a new set put on this month across a number of dentist appointments.

"I still need a few tweaks to the length and shape," Olivia continued. "We just didn't do it all yesterday where I had been in the chair so long."

Olivia detailed how she found the procedure "painless" and that she decided to opt out of any anaesthetic despite reccomendation.

"My dentist did confirm I am a freak," she joked, before hitting out that she would not share how much it cost her to have veneers.

"People are so f***ing opinionated," she said of her decision to not put a price on the procedure, which involves shaving the teeth down and replacing them with fake porcelain ones.

Olivia concluded her teeth Q&A by clapping back at fans who said she "didn't need them" as she encouraged them to "live and learn".

"I love it when people on the internet tell me 'what I need'," the star wrote. "You dont NEED to shave ya fanny but I'm sure you do."

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