Love Island’s Jordan went to desperate lengths for India – including going vegan

Love Island 's Anna Vakili has revealed the desperate lengths Jordan Hames went to for India Reynolds.

Anna was devastated when she discovered her boyfriend cracking on with the model in Tuesday night's show.

Viewers saw Anna and Jordan get dumped from the villa tonight – but did not witness his shocking outburst before they split up.

Although it came as a nasty surprise, Anna did have a "tiny gut feeling" that something was wrong the night before the drama unfolded.

During the Islanders' mealtime, which is not shown on TV, Jordan shouted out: "I'm going to be vegan now."

And Anna is convinced he was trying to impress vegan chef India by turning his back on animal-based products.

Speaking to Mirror Online after her exit, Anna said: "Even India didn’t see it coming. I feel like in there I had this weird tiny gut feeling on the night before and that morning.

"But you don’t want to say anything as people will think you’re acting crazy or paranoid or insecure.

"I kind of had this weird feeling when suddenly during food time Jordan shouted out 'I’m going to be vegan now', and of course India is vegan. I was like 'that’s a bit weird'."

Anna has branded Jordan's behaviour "the worst ever in Love Island history" during a scathing attack on her ex.

She said: "I did not expect what happened at all. It was so shocking. I was hurt. One of the lowest feelings I had was that night."

Anna has confirmed that their relationship is definitely over and she will never got back to Jordan.

"For me personally it was over the minute he took Curtis over and said he liked another girl," insisted Anna."

On why he made a drastic U-turn, she added: "I feel he wasn’t genuine about liking or caring about me. When he saw we were safe he thought there's no point of continuing this, which is so sad for me."

The pharmacist also revealed that she nearly walked out of the villa twice – the second time being when she discovered Jordan's betrayal.

On her reaction, she said: "I almost took my mic off and walked out. I would have walked out if it wasn’t for everyone around me talking to me.

"When you’re in that moment you’re so angry and hurt that I would have walked out but I’m so glad I didn’t as I would have regretted it.

"I would never want to walk out because of a man doing something to me. I want to walk out when it's my time. I’m not letting him have that satisfaction."

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