Love Island’s George admitted Lucie wasn’t his type BEFORE she picked him – but she doesn’t know

LOVE Island’s George revealed Lucie wasn’t his type BEFORE she picked him – but she doesn’t know.

Fellow Islander Dennon revealed Lucie is, in fact, being used by George because he "ran out of options".

Lucie had all the boys after her in the beginning but decided to pair up with the hunky builder because he's "so good looking".

She even ruled out secret millionaire Stevie Bradley, who drives a Porsche, and he was subsequently booted from the show as a result of her decision.

But it turns out that George specifically told his fellow new boys that Lucie didn't float his boat and was not his "usual type".

Dennon said after leaving Love Island on Tuesday: "George and Lucie I don’t think will last. He said to me she’s not his usual type. He’s with her because he was short of options."

Stevie Bradley tried to pursue Lucie but was dumped from the island when she chose George.

After leaving, he said: "With George it was the weirdest love triangle. But we got on so well. I’m really happy for them both going into the villa. When Lucie picked George I smiled as he gets a go at this. I don’t look back with any malice.

"I have no idea how Lucie and George will go. I want them to do really well as they are both really lovely. In terms of how similar they are, they seem like very different people. But on paper he’s her type. She went by the laws of attraction."

Meanwhile, Love Island fans couldn’t hide their shock as they thought Tommy Fury looked angry when Lucie returned to the villa with new partner George.

The blonde beauty made her feelings for the boxer clear before she left for Casa Amor but had been rebuffed by him in favour of his partner Molly-Mae.

As Lucie walked in to the villa with new man George, viewers commented that Tommy wasn’t impressed.

Then minutes later, Lucie cried when she saw Tommy reunite with Molly-Mae.

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Lucie coupled with George

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Amber chose Michael but as he recoupled with Joanna, Amber is now single

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One person remarked: “Omg Tommy was sooo jealous when lucie walked out with George #loveisland”

A second added: “Lucie looking molly and tommy & thinking what she missed due choosing joe instead #loveisland”

And a third chimed in with, “Lucie sat there wishing Tommy was talking about her. Same babes. Same. #LoveIsland”

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