Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard breaks Amy Hart’s heart again in cruel twist

Curtis Pritchard is about to break Amy Hart's heart AGAIN in another cruel twist tonight on Love Island .

Amy drags Curtis away for an ominous "chat" this evening as the pair speak about their relationship.

But after she suggests they take a break, he delivers the poor air hostess another low blow.

In devastating scenes tonight, Amy tells him: "You knew this would break my heart. You knew it would break my heart and you still did it."

"Everything I've ever said to you I have meant," he insists. "100%."

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"I still want to be civil to you, I still want to talk to you," she says. "I need to take a break now to think what I want to do.

"I'm not saying it's over forever if you want us to work still but you need to think about whether I'm actually what you want."

"I meant everything I've said," he repeats.

Knowing that he wants to confess something else, she says: "Just say it, rip the band aid off."

And he says that dreaded word: "But…"

In a heartbeat, Amy looks devastated and looks like she is about to cry.

What will he tell her? And is it all over for Amy and Curtis?

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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