Love Island viewers shocked as Chris’s ‘Anaconda’ sex position is violent and involves punching in the head

Love Island’s Chris Taylor has been winning fans inside and outside the villa thanks to his humour and wit.

But he left many viewers scratching their heads on Friday night when he revealed what his favourite sex position is.

The tattooed hunk told new girl Harley Brash that the anaconda was his top sex position, but refused to go into detail about what it entailed.

Google no doubt saw a surge in searches for the word anaconda after Chris made the confession.

However, the actual details of the sex position have left people horrified with its violent nature.

The Urban Dictionary describes it beginning with a man receiving oral sex before quickly withdrawing.

“At the same time [he] makes fists with both hands then quickly punches the partner on both sides of the neck at the same time, hence causing a swelling action.

"The man then inserts [himself] back into the person's mouth, having the feeling of an anaconda around [him] from the swollen neck."

One viewer tweeted: “the anaconda sounds like a bar fight”, as another added “Welp, thats assault”.

However, there is another definition of what the anaconda sex position is.

A less aggressive form is said to be a form of missionary that is a "rare combination of a sexual position and a state of euphoria caused by a male and a female being deeply connected to each other sexually, mentally and emotionally".

The latter position is hopefully the one Chris was talking about.

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