Love Island stars terrified of Voice of God after breaking villa rules

Love Island' s Priya Gopaldas has opened up about the secret 'Voice of God' in the villa.

The reality TV beauty went on the 2021 series of the show and has gone back to her medicine studies post-show, which she passed with flying colours.

During an exclusive chat, Priya opened up about the secret 'Voice of God' from the ITV villa which tells Islanders what to do.

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Priya said: "I was actually really scared of the Voice of God I remember early on, I was the last girl and I didn't know the rules or anything and I remember really wanting a shower and it was so hot.

"I was really sweaty in the middle of the day and I went into the villa as it was open so I went had a quick shower and the next thing I know the Voice of God shouted 'Priya, you shouldn't be in the shower at the moment, you should be in the garden' so yeah, I got in trouble by it."

She continued: "But it was so hard to fit in a shower but I thought the showers are going to be on still so I thought I might as well.

"It was really hard and I remember going in and I had my suitcase but all the wardrobes were filled and it was like I was an outsider.

"All the people were really welcoming but they knew the ins and outs and how to do things like if you wanted some makeup or fake eyelashes then you could request that and I was in there and didn't know how to do any of this.

Talking about her castmates, she added: "It was difficult because although they were really friendly they obviously had their own friendship groups and were a lot closer.

" So, it was hard to come in at the very end and try to make friends with them but they were all very welcoming and it was a good experience."

Priya has teamed up with meat-free brand Quorn to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 9th October.

Quorn is the ‘Official Sustainable Protein Partner’ this year and wants to help the event further its sustainable ambitions by supporting nutrition on race day at the Plant-Based Food Village, as Presenting Partner.

Talking about the campaign, Priya added: "I'm really excited to be an ambassador of Quorn because it's supporting the race's ambition to become the greenest race in the UK. Also, with Quorn, as a vegetarian and a runner, it's so important for me to have tasty sustainable protein in my diet."


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