Love Island fans slam Tyriques weird attempt to defend 100 body count

Tyrique Hyde faced severe backlash from Love Island fans after trying to justify his body count by comparing it to fellow islander Catherine Agbaje 's own confession.

In Tuesday's episode, the islanders engaged in a game that involved sharing some of their more risqué secrets. During the game, a revealing moment occurred when Catherine, who is coupled with Andre Furtado, disclosed that she had kissed five guys in a single night.

“This girl once snogged five guys in one night,” George Fensom read during the challenge, incorrectly guessing it to be Molly Marsh.

Catherine then revealed: “When I was younger, I think I must have had my first proper night out, and I got my first kiss that night I think… and then I just got wild.”

Shortly thereafter, amidst a number of other revelations ranging from unclogging toilets to nipple piercings and cheating scandals, Tyrique made a confession about his sexual encounters. He admitted that he had lost count of the number of women he had slept with.

Molly read aloud, "This boy stopped keeping track of his body count once it hit 100," prompting the other girls to exclaim, "That is crazy."

Tyrique attempted to clarify, saying, "Yeah, obviously, it's not a flex. But I've been single my entire life, so…"

Ella Thomas wore a noticeably unimpressed expression as he carried on, saying, "Pulling and shagging is all I know."

In the Beach Hut, Ella expressed her thoughts, saying: "It was his reaction for me, why would you say that? Like, no, I didn't like that.”

When speaking to the boys, Tyrique later said: “I was kind of surprised at Catherine, she kissed five boys in one night, fair enough. No one said nothing about that, but when my body count is 100, it's a problem?!”

Viewers weren't impressed with his comparison, with one writing: “I can’t believe Tyrique really thought he did something by comparing his 100 body count with Catherine’s 5 kisses – Such Destiny Childish behaviour.”

Another wrote: “No way tyrique has compared catherine kissing 5 boys to him shagging over 100 girls…”

A third chimed in: “Tyrique bringing up Catherine kissing 5 boys in one night and comparing to have a body count over a 100 is… like is not the same.”

Another echoed: “Tyrique comparing his ‘pulling and shagging’ antics with 100+ women to Catherine kissing 5 guys is a tad weird.”

Tyrique, a semi-professional footballer from Essex, currently plays as a midfielder for East Sussex club Lewes FC. The son of former Watford and Jamaica player Micah Hyde, he's already made waves on the show after it was revealed he already knows castmate, Ella Thomas. The 24 year old also shared a link with Molly Marsh, after the pair spotted they share matching tattoos.


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