Love Island fans slam show as a ‘fix’ as Maura moves onto Curtis despite slagging him off to Amy

LOVE Island fans have branded the show a "fix" as Maura Higgins moves on to Curtis Pritchard despite slagging him off to Amy Hart.

Viewers were horrified when a preview for tonight's episode appeared to show the Irish beauty proclaiming her admiration for the 23-year-old dancer.

The comments come just two days after the 28-year-old Grid Girl launched a furious rant against Curtis as she told devastated Amy that he wasn't in love with her.

Flocking to social media, cynical fans claimed that Maura had been told to stir up drama by producers – with others doubting that she was talking about Curtis at all.

One wrote: "So obvious the producers prompted Maura to go after Curtis now."

Another added: "If Maura and Curtis get with each other, that just confirms it’s all a fix for me."

A third said: "I believe Maura was fully talking about Ovie. Hes even standing in the frame when she's speaking. It's not Curtis at all.

"They couldn't even show her face when she mentioned the dancing, that's because it was a whole other clip they just added there."


Amy, 26, was left devastated when she returned from Casa Amor earlier this week ready to tell her "half boyfriend" Curtis that she was in love with him, only for him to admit that his head had been turned while she was away.

Viewers were stunned when they saw the hunk tell newcomer Jourdan Riane that he would couple up with her instead of Amy – despite the pair only having two conversations.

The only reason that Curtis stuck with Amy is because Jourdan "pied" him, insisting that she wasn't interested before coupling up with Danny Williams instead.

When Lucie Donlan asked heartbroken Amy if she thought Curtis loved her back following the revelation, Maura snapped: "Why would you ask her that?!

"He obviously doesn't love you because he wouldn't have done that if he did.

"That's harsh and I am sorry but do you honestly think that you deserve this?"

Last night's episode then saw Amy get brutally dumped by Curtis – despite the air stewardess telling him that she was willing to try and move on from the drama.

However, a sneak peek at tonight's episode showed Maura – who is currently coupled up with Marvin – discussing a mystery man, which was later revealed to be Curtis.

Although she doesn't say his name, Maura gushes to Lucie that she finds the Islander "manly" and wants him to teach her how to dance.

The teaser included a close-up of Curtis' face during Maura's passionate speech, but dubious viewers believe that it might have been a red herring and the true identity of the beauty's crush will be revealed tonight.

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