Love Island 2020 babes’ transformations – with fillers, surgery and new hairdos

Love Island debuted a winter series for the first time earlier this year, introducing fans to a bevy of beauties.

From eventual winner Paige Turley to the first eliminated Eve Gale, viewers fell in love with the different personalities and, of course, their bombshell looks.

But, seven months on, a number of the gorgeous girls, including Shaughna Phillips, have gone through big transformations

With the help of all new glam squads, fillers, hair makeovers and a bit of a nip and tuck here and there, the stunning starlets regularly showcase their celebrity transformations on Instagram.

The ladies have millions of followers between them – and it's clear to see why.

Paige Turley

Scottish star Paige Turley won the first ever winter edition of Love Island with her boyfriend Finn Tapp – and they're still going strong.

Since then, the blonde beauty has overhauled her lifestyle after getting "lazy" in the villa.

She told Women's Health that she's kickstarted her fitness regime, by doing three workouts a week which includes yoga sessions and time with a personal trainer.

The beauty still has her golden locks, though they're looking extra full and glamorous now that she works with extensions company Beauty Works Online.

Paige continues to sport her trademark full and fluttery fake lashes whenever she shares her jawdropping snaps on Instagram.

The Love Island queen still captivates her fans and, obviously, her hunky man Finn.

But who can blame him?

Siannise Fudge

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Despite a rough start which saw fans struggle to gel with Siannise Fudge, her romance with Luke Trotman eventually saw her become a favourite and the eventual runner-up.

The Bristol babe was a beauty consultant before the show, so there's no surprise her makeup looks are always on point.

With her Princess Jasmine raven locks still going strong, Siannise amps up her look with sleek, hair extensions.

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And she's a natural beauty, as she has denied ever having any work done, and she hopes to inspire young girls who worry about their looks.

She told Glamour: "Lip fillers ads and things like that are very popular now, but I just think I'm happy the way I am.

"I would like other girls to look at me and think, 'She's just like me.'"

Instead of getting the prick of a needle, Siannise uses makeup tricks to cheat a fuller pout.

Demi Jones

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Late arrival Demi Jones captured the hearts of the nation when she grew close to cheeky chap Luke Mabbot, though their romance didn't last on the outside.

In a sea of blondes and brunettes, her red locks stood out and she continues to shine as a fully fledged influencer now.

Like her co-star Siannise, Demi has kept away from fillers, instead choosing to go down a less permanent route.

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She teamed up with Project Lip to release a lip-plumping gloss, and by the look of her Instagram snaps, it works a treat.

Demi previously told the Mail: "I've never had filler before in my life, so this is really nice and a confidence-boost.

"I'm only 21 and there's so much pressure to get surgery done, so this is a nice pick-me up."

She added: "I understand why others would want surgery, but it's just not for me. I just like to be myself as much as possible."

And that's why fans fell in love with her so quickly.

Jess Gale

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Jess Gale entered the villa with her identical twin Eve, but lasted all the way until the final after a few different romances.

The blonde bombshell was known for her fluttery lashes and golden locks, and her fans are just as much in awe now as they were back then.

However, Jess has gone for a slightly darker blonde tone in her hair, as well as allowing her natural brown colour to grow through for a less in your face look.

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She and her sister Eve have never admitted to having any work done, however fans labelled them unrecognisable when old photos from 2015 started circulating.

The suspicions haven't stopped her from living her best life though, with Jess sending her followers wild with each sexed up selfie.

Despite him putting in a good chase in the villa, Jess is no longer with her Love Island beau Ched Uzor.

Shaughna Phillips

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Fan favourite Shaugna may have gone through the biggest transformation of all of her co-stars and has been open about the work she's had done.

She'd had fillers and Botox before the show, telling Grazia: "I've been having my lips done for a good few years now so it will take more than a few months of lockdown to get those to deflate."

The blonde bombshell has been having treatments at Derma Plus Aesthetics since 2016, she confessed this month.

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Similarly, she admitted to having liposuction on her legs for the first time after she was diagnosed with lipoedema.

The condition causes an abnormal build-up of fat cells around the legs, thighs and bum.

Shaughna goes all-out when it comes to glam, seen with her golden locks in bouncy curls and a generous application of makeup in her Instagram uploads.

Rebecca Gormley

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Geordie lass Rebecca Gormley wasn't one of the original islanders however she certainly caused some chaos when she arrived.

Her Miss England pageant looks caught the attention of a number of her male co-stars, though she's had a complete makeover since then.

On the show, Rebecca often went without much makeup, though her recent snaps see her all dolled up with thick fake lashes and contoured cheeks.

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As of late, firecracker Rebecca has sported her long sleek brunette tresses in chunky braids, which kicked off a "blackfishing" debate.

The beauty, who is dating her co-star Biggs Chris, was accused of changing her appearance to look like she had black heritage.

A Reddit user said: "Is she doing it for attention? Or does she not have decent management?"

But another wrote: "Honestly sad if y'all are triggered by this s***."

Other than some social media backlash, Rebecca hasn't found herself in the spotlight much since leaving the villa.

Instead she grew close to Biggs and the duo started dating despite not being together in the ITV2 villa.

Who knows what the ladies will look like this time next year?

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