Love Island 2019: What happened on Love Island last night?

Love Island last night saw new romances blossom, old pairings rekindle and the end of one of the most popular couples. There were tears from Amber Gill in the episode alongside revelations from Maura Higgins but what actually happened in the episode? Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened.

Curtis and Amy deal with the aftermath

The previous episode of Love Island saw Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard end their romance when Curtis told Amy that he couldn’t promise that his head wouldn’t be turned again.

During the episode, Amy bonded with her friends in the villa about how it made her feel and how upset she was.

Later in the episode, Amy and Curtis decided to have a discussion about their feelings in the aftermath.

Amy said to him: “Are you upset that we’re no longer together?”

Curtis replied: “It’s probably going to be horrible to hear but I do feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Amy said back to him: “That’s interesting because last night I was going to end the conversation with giving you a second chance.

“I was going to work hard on our relationship. I thought that is what you wanted. But that’s not what you want.”

This seems to be the final nail in the coffin for the pairing as Curtis added: “I don’t feel the romantic connection so I don’t feel like it’ll work in the long run.”


Michael and Amber make amends

At the start of the episode, Amber Gill told Amy and Molly-Mae Hughes that she’s still upset about the recoupling.

At the same time, Michael Griffiths confided in Anna Vakili why he recoupled, and she persuaded him to speak to Amber again.

Later in the episode, the pair sit down and clear the air between them and Amber said: “I don’t think you had any idea how much I liked you.”

Michael admitted he didn’t know how deeply Amber felt for him because he couldn’t read her and apologised to her.

He told her: “I know that you have a heart of gold. You’ve just got a strange way of showing it sometimes.”

The pair ended their conversation in laughs, which is a far cry from their previous conversations this week.

Molly-Mae Hughes revealed to Joanna that it might not be over for the Michael and Amber as well.


Maura reveals her feelings for Curtis

When chatting with Curtis in the kitchen, Maura Higgins comforted Curtis in the wake of his decision.

She told him she could see something wasn’t quite right with the pair before a white feather lands on the kitchen surface.

Maura said to Curtis: “They say that a white feather is an angel close-by trying to tell you something. Have you not heard about that?”

Curtis replied: “I wonder what it means,” to which Maura said: “We might not ever know.”

Later in the evening, Maura told Lucie that she is developing feelings for Curtis.

She said: “He’s obviously gorgeous. He’s very manly and I love that. He’s funny. He’s the whole package for me.”


Jordan and Anna reconnect while Amber takes Ovie on a date

The single Islanders Jordan Hames and Amber were invited to take two people on a date during the episode.

Jordan chose Anna and the pair admitted they still have feelings for each other.

At the same time, Amber took new boy Ovie on a date because she felt he’s been very loyal to her.

During the date, Ovie revealed he had developed some feelings for Joanna.

A teaser for Sunday night’s episode showed that Maura will ask Curtis to teach her how to dance.

Craig David will also be coming into the Love Island villa for a party.

Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2, apart from Saturdays.

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