Lorraine Kelly in disbelief as King Charles lets woman kiss him on the cheek

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Lorraine Kelly was presenting her self titled ITV chat show when she was left gobsmacked after she was informed that a woman had kissed King Charles on the cheek, to which he had happily obliged.

The ITV star was hosting her early morning talk show and the topic of conversation turned toward the new King Charles.

One of her guests noted: "I find it really interesting how tangible and touchy-feely they find [King Charles], whereas with the Queen, people would stand back, respectfully revere. People were grabbing [Charles], kissing him, even kissing his face. One woman said: 'Can I kiss you?' and he said: 'Yes,' and I spoke to her after. She was absolutely thrilled."

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The panel agreed that it was something "no-one would have done" to the Queen.

When Lorraine watched the clip, she sharply inhaled and gasped at what she saw.

Kelly then exclaimed: "Wouldn't have thought of it, never [would you] do that," in regards to the Queen.

They then deliberated that because Charles has "lived his personal life in the limelight", people may "feel as though they know him better than they ever knew the Queen".

Due to this, the public may feel like they are "far more able to touch him".

They also touched upon his speeches, particularly his first one which was made "the night after his mother passed away," which was "so personal".

The stars noted that the public may not have received the same level of personal address from the Queen and moved on to talk about the future.

Lorraine pondered over whether he "will change as he settles into his role as King".

They agreed that within the "short space of time" it took to make his speech, he "grew into" the role of King which is "difficult".

Kelly also noted that "most people in their seventies are playing golf, or are retired, or reading, or another sport," but Charles has now "stepped up" to work rather than "stepping away".

Paul then agreed that he had "nailed" his first moments as King, despite "grieving for his mother" and managed to maintain his composure with the crowds, holding their hands and speaking to the mourners.


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