Loose Women fans furious as Carole Baskin fails to appear on the show AGAIN and husband Howard appears instead

TIGER King's Carole Baskin sent her husband to fill in for her on Loose Women and viewers were not happy.

The wildlife warrior, 59, was supposed to appear on the panel show but has now stood the women up multiple times.

Instead her doting husband Howard Baskin appeared on her behalf and fans were fuming.

Host Andrea McLean told viewers that some of the panellists "waited around an hour" for Carole to show for the interview, "but she stood us up".

Instead, Christine Lampard, Judi Love and Jane Moore got the chance to probe Howard instead.

Loose Women viewers were less than impressed with the substitute, with some describing the interview as "flat".

One Twitter added: "Interview everyone wanted??? Carole Baskins husband? Really?!"

Another added: "Carol Baskin: the interview you’ve all been waiting for. Except it’s not really."

A third said: "#LooseWomen trying to make out this was a world class interview."

The awkward interview saw Howard reveal he was not that into Carole when he met her, despite the fact she fell for him instantly.

“It wasn’t love at first sight for me. I didn’t call her for three weeks," Howard admitted, then revealed it was her honesty about her troubled past the endeared him to her.

The Tiger King star also opened up about how he and Carole had to beef up security after finding out Joe Exotic hired a hitman to kill her.

"We put up security around the house and had a pistol in the car for when we were driving around," he said.

But things got really awkward when Joe refused to talk about Joe Exotic.

"I don't even want to talk about him, this is a man who walked up to five trusting tigers and blew their brains out, so if anyone doesn't think he belongs in jail for life, they have my sympathy," he bluntly said.

Panellist Jane Moore then tried to ask his thoughts about whether US President Donald Trump might pardon Joe for his murder-for-hire and crimes against animals convictions.

But Howard was having none of it.

"Could we move on," he said firmly.

Carole, 59, has been accused of being be­hind the 1997 disappearance of her millionaire husband Don Lewis.

In Netflix’s Tiger King series, Joe Exotic claimed she fed Don to tigers at her Big Cat Rescue animal park in Florida. She denies the allegation.

Carole got most of her husband’s £4.5million estate after he was declared dead in 2002.

She is now appearing on Dancing With The Stars and was supposed to appear on Loose Women last week but cancelled at the last minute.

Carole stood the Loose Women up again yesterday but sent them a video message with a dire warning.

"I'm happy that my husband will be stepping in and speaking for me. He is such a wonderful person and you'll love him so much as I love him so much," she said in the pre-recorded interview.

"In fact, when he's done I want him back girls… if you don't send him back, you're kind of asking for a Baskin!"

In Netflix’s Tiger King series, Joe Exotic claimed she fed Don to tigers at her Big Cat Rescue animal park in Florida. She denies the allegation.

Exotic, 57, is now in jail after trying to hire a hitman to kill Carole.


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