Line of Duty viewers solve 'missing link' between Marcus Thurwell and Steph Corbett – and it doesn't bode well

LINE of Duty fans believe they have solved the 'missing link' between Marcus Thurwell and Steph Corbett.

The enthralling crime drama's sixth series is set to come to an explosive end this week and viewers think the pair may have a part to play in the final episode.

AC-12 are closing on the mysterious 'H' and viewers have spotted a shocking clue that they believe suggests crook Thurwell, who has not made an appearance on the show and was pronounced dead in episode six, may in fact still be alive.

However, fans think Thurwell is staying with Steph, after the widow seemed a little on edge in some of her appearances throughout this series.

One fan on twitter predicted: "I predict that Marcus Thurwell is living with Steph Corbett. The bodies in Spain were from the freezer. #[email protected]"

Another viewer speculated along with the magnifying glass and thinking emojis: "Marcus Thurwell is staying with Steph Corbett and the money in the attic is his."

In reference to Steph this fan penned: "There are far too many loose ends with her, she has a part to play in the finale."

While a fourth user simply added: "Marcus Thurwell and Steph."

After Thurwell's body was found in his Spanish villa, fans refused to accept that was the end and predict he may staged his own death to avoid getting caught for corruption.

One viewer tweeted: "Could be Thurwell…. He's still alive… Faked his own death and was disguised as one of the Spanish coppers during the raid on his house……. #LineOfDuty," while another gussed: "Thurwell is still alive. I’m convinced. #LineOfDuty."

Fans have been locked in furious debate about who's handwriting is seen in the show's finale.

A glimpse into the action that takes place on Sunday's episode – which could be the cop show's last ever – includes the mis-spelt word "definate."

As long-time fans of the drama will know, that error has cropped up time and again when the shadowy 'H' has communicated with bent cops.

However, the series six finale trailer shows it written on what appears to be an official document concerning Operation Lighthouse – the investigation into journalist Gail Vella's murder.

Fans are convinced it's a woman's writing which narrows the field even more, which leaves ex AC-12 crimebuster Kate Fleming or super-smug DCI Patricia Carmichael as prime suspects.

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