Line Of Duty fans in hysterics as Kelly Macdonald tells BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker 'no comment' as he fishes for answers

LINE Of Duty fans were left in hysterics after Kelly Macdonald told BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker "no comment" as he tried to fish for spoilers.

The presenter, 44, tried his best to interrogate the actress – who plays DI Joanne Davidson in the hit BBC cop drama – to try and find out what's in store for the final episode of season six this Sunday.

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As fans will know, last night saw DI Steve Arnott, SI Ted Hastings and DCS Patricia Carmichael question Davidson about PC Ryan Pilkington's death and her involvement with the OCG.

Throughout the interview the copper kept her cards very close to her chest and answered "no comment" to each question, and this morning it wasn't any different on the breakfast show.

Presenter Dan asked the star: "Can I press you some concerns many of our viewers have, okay? I want to see what we can get out of you this morning…

"So, Joanne Davidson, do you know the fourth man is?"

Putting on her best poker face and Davidson impression, she replied: "No comment."

He then went on to ask if her alter-ego will make it to the series finale, if she'll survive the last episode, if Marcus Thurwell is actually dead, who her real dad is and if Hasting is a bent copper.

But unfortunately Dan couldn't get anything out of her and viewers flocked to Twitter to share their amusement.

One wrote: "I've never seen one #LineofDuty6 but this morning's #BBCBreakfast interview had me in stitches! No Comment!!!"

Another said: "@BBCBreakfast Such a funny interview, @mrdanwalker! Alarms, police sirens. I got out of bed to watch and it’s made my day already. #LineofDuty6#LineofDuty."

A third added: "#BBCBreakfast #lineofdutyday Mother of God! Brilliant interview with Jo Davidson, Dan."


Last week fans were left on the edge of their seats as the episode was left on a huge cliffhanger when DI Kate Fleming and PC Ryan Pilkington were involved in a huge gun showdown.

As the credits started to roll, two gunshots were fired and fans were left wondering who was killed.

Last night it was revealed that Fleming shot dodgy copper Pilkington in the chest twice and went on to flee the crime scene with Davidson.

Davidson was later brought into questioning with AC-12 and she tried to reassure them that she wasn't bent by taking the blame for Pilkington's death.

It was also revealed that Davidson is related to criminal Tommy Hunter, as he was her mum Samantha's brother.

Things took a disturbing turn when it was also confirmed that he was also Davidson's dad, and he had forced her to join the force so that he could take part in criminal activities.

Meanwhile in Spain officers had found Thurwell's location, only to find him dead in his apartment.

AC-12 were devastated with the news as he was linked to various involvements with the OCG and the Gail Vella murder.

Since Line of Duty first hit our screens in 2012, viewers have wanted to know who the mysterious 'H' is.

As things draw to a close with series six, many are convinced that Carmichael is the criminal mastermind to be at the heart of the police corruption on the show.

At one point she hammered her pen on the desk four times – spelling out 'H' in Morse Code.

However, fans are also suspicious of Hastings, Phillip Osbourne, Ian Buckells and dead Marcus Thurwell.

The Line of Duty finale for series 6 will air on Sunday, May 2 at 9pm

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