Kate Middleton had ‘secret’ rehearsals for Christmas performance as co-star speaks out

Tom Walker discusses performing with Kate Middleton

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On Wednesday morning, joining Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Bacon, Tom Walker revealed all about his collaboration with Kate Middleton over Christmas 2021. After being asked about how he was approached to do the collaboration and having high praises for Kate’s talents, Tom admitted to “top secret” rehearsals he and the Duchess of Cambridge had ahead of their performance.

Introducing Tom to the show, Susanna said: “As if singing for millions of people wasn’t daunting enough, the musician Tom Walker shared the stage with none of than the Duchess of Cambridge for a special Christmas performance at Westminster Abbey.”

Richard added: “Tom’s performance for ‘Those Who Can’t Be Here’ was shown on Christmas eve with Kate Middleton accompanying Tom on the piano.

“Tom Walker joins us now, Tom, Good Morning just quickly on that point, it’s all quite exciting, there was an Instagram teaser of her sitting down at a piano for four seconds.

“How did it come about? When did you know that you were going to be accompanying Kate Middleton?”

Greeting the two hosts, Tom revealed: “Well, good morning, I was actually approached, we did a charity event together called Act on Addiction.

“I was playing my song ‘Leave A Light On in support, and the Duchess was doing a speech and we kind of met a little bit before.

“But we got chatting at that event, and I was approached after that and asked if I could play the carol service, and, at first, they wanted my song ‘Leave A Light On’ but then we sent the team my Christmas song.

“Nobody had heard (it) at this point, and they absolutely loved it. And then the Duchess’ team asked if she could join me on piano and accompany me for the concert live, which was just incredible.”

Susanna teased: “At that point did you say well maybe, but how good is she?”

Laughing at Susanna’s joke, Tom replied: “She’s fantastic, a really talented musician, we had a rehearsal together.

“A top-secret rehearsal, just to make sure that we were both comfortable playing with each other and she could get her head around the arrangement of the song!

“It was at Metropolis Studios, I’m sure I’m allowed to say that at this point at the time, it was very top secret!”

Since the performance, Tom’s single has shot up in the charts, and he revealed to The Sun: “It was so well received.

“I probably owe her royalties now. She sent me a letter thanking me for the opportunity, but it should be me thanking her.

“The song has jumped 57 places in the charts. It was a wonderful experience, and she was so warm.

“She made the effort to thank all the musicians, but it was us who felt so grateful to be part of something so special.”

As viewers watched the performance, many were shocked at the Duchess’ hidden talent and took to Twitter to praise the royal on her performance.

@GerslassieD wrote: “Future Queen playing for Tom Walker, absolutely amazing! #royalcarols.”

@NannyGhent commented: “#RoyalCarols Watching Catherine play the piano, one very cool Queen in waiting.”

@dianenecfcfan added: “Is there no end to this lovely ladies talents, watching Royal Carols at Christmas on ITV and Kate is accompanying Tom Walker on the piano.” (sic)

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