Kaley Cuoco left squirming as Netflix star slams The Big Bang Theory cast for raking in $1m per episode

KALEY Cuoco was left pretty speechless when her Netflix co-star slammed The Big Bang Theory cast for raking in $1 per episode.

The actress, who played Penny in the popular sitcom from 2007 to 2019, is currently starring in the new series The Cabin with Bert Kreischer alongside comedian Ms Pat and Joel McHale.

The new programme sees Bert Kreischer joined by various guests for a few drinks in a cabin and in one particular episode Kaley, 34, is confronted with some awkward opinions about her former TV role.

After a few too many shots of whisky Ms Pat, 48, admits that she's never watched the CBS show, despite Joel calling it the "most popular comedy of all time".

Shocked by her confession, Kaley offers to send her a boxset of the show so that she can catch up on everything that she's missed – but the host of podcast The Patdown with Ms wasn't having any of it.

She told Kaley: "I can’t watch. It’s too nerdy.

"It’s too smart, and I’m not dumb but it’s corny. I can’t get into it."

But Ms Pat didn't stop there.

She brutally added: "I don’t get the jokes. But I remember when ya’ll started a million dollars an episode and I was like 'who the f**k is watching this show to pay these people a million dollars an episode?!'"

Her criticism left Kaley looking awkwardly into the camera for some help, while co-star Joel sat there in silence.

The new show focuses on Bert Kreischer wants to learn about himself while living in a cabin in the woods with a series of guests including Caitlyn Jenner who teaches him about axe throwing.

Despite Ms Pat's hatred for The Big Bang Theory, Kaley's alter-ego Penny, was a firm favourite from the very start when it hit our screens 12 years ago.

The former pharmaceutical sales representative actress believes she knows exactly why the audience took to her alter-ego so well.

She told Emmy magazine: "She represented the audience. She has big aspirations and loved the guys. Viewers were on her side from day one because she was always kind.

"She laughed with them, not at them. She was always part of the group."

After parting ways from the comedy series last year, Kaley just wrapped up filming for a brand new miniseries called The Flight Attendant.

Yesterday she revealed that she intends to spend “the weekend crying” after finishing filming for the new show.

She made the touching statement in a clip she shared with her 6.1million Instagram followers. 

In the emotional video, the star is seen trying to hold back tears before eventually welling up.

Wearing a cream jumper and jeans, Kaley stands in the centre of a circle of crew members, and is cheered on as she officially ends her current run on set.

Alongside the post, she wrote: “That’s a wrap for Cassie, on season one of The Flight Attendant.

“Thank you to every single person that’s been part of this project. You are important and I couldn’t do this without you. 

“I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend crying.”

The Flight Attendant will air on HBO Max in the US, with a UK release to be confirmed.














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