'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Fans Think Jon Gosselin Looks 'So Happy' With Girlfriend Colleen Conrad

Jon & Kate Plus 8 may have had a long stint on TLC, but Jon and Kate Gosselin have remained totally unforgettable ever since. We first met the couple when they were happily married and caring for their eight kids — but now, their family is more divided than ever before. While Kate originally had custody of all eight children post-messy divorce from Jon, two of the sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, are now living under Jon’s roof.

Kate’s busily looking for love on her new dating show, Kate Plus Date, but it seems Jon’s been a bit luckier in the dating department. He’s been seeing his girlfriend for years — and fans are even noticing how much happier he looks with her. Here’s what they’re saying.

Kate and Jon Gosselin are seemingly still on bad terms after all these years

There have been quite a few messy celebrity divorces from stars over the years, but Jon and Kate’s is one to remember. Kate has discussed at length about how Jon seemed to change “overnight” and started leaving her alone with the kids to go party, and Jon claims Kate’s nagging ways drove him away. All in all, they certainly couldn’t agree on how to raise their kids and co-parent, and they divorced back in 2009. The drama was far from over after the divorce, though. Today, the older Gosselin twins, Mady and Cara, still won’t speak to Jon, and Hannah and Collin seem to have a negative relationship with Kate, too.

Kate has even referenced her bitter divorce on Kate Plus Date. “I was the mom of eight kids. That does not come without immense, ridiculous stress,” she explained. In reference to Jon, she then went on to say, “You know, they say the person that you’re with should bring out the best you … and I just don’t feel like the best version of myself was brought out.” And Kate also talked about all the anger she holds from decades of resentment, too.

Jon’s been dating his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, since 2014


Kate may be searching for love, but Jon’s found it. Us Weekly reported in 2015 that Jon had been dating girlfriend Colleen Conrad for a year at that point, and judging from his Instagram, the two of them are still going strong. Jon recently celebrated Conrad’s birthday, and his ultra-sweet Instagram post for her had all of his fans commenting on her big day. “Happy Birthday Colleen!!! Thank you letting me a part of your life. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my children. I Love you very much and I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, since you worked all day today!!! [sic],” Jon captioned the post.

As for how the two met, a source told Us Weekly that they knew each other from way back but reconnected after a chance run-in. “They ran into each other after years of not seeing each other and instantly reconnected,” the source claimed. And Conrad seems to have her life together, too. She has two children of her own and works as a case manager at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center.

Fans think Jon looks way happier now than he did with Kate

Jon went through quite a few rough years after his divorce, and we know the challenges aren’t over yet. He just attained custody of Collin in 2018, and he thinks Kate had an overall negative impact on their son, as Collin was infamously put into a school for “special needs” by the mother of eight. Now, as evidenced by all of his Instagram photos of him with Conrad, Jon’s all smiles when he’s with his girlfriend. And fans have noticed, too.

“You look very happy. That’s nice to see. Happy for you both,” a fan commented on this Instagram photo of Jon and his girlfriend. Another added, “You guys look so happy!!! Cheers to love and happiness!!! Beautiful couple.” Yet another wrote, “Jon, you’re absolutely glowing.”

Could wedding bells be in the future for the happy couple? It seems Jon’s considered the possibility before, so we’ll have to wait and see what they decide.

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