John Barrowman defended over 'exposing' claims by Torchwood co-star Gareth David-Lloyd who says he 'meant to entertain'

JOHN Barrowman's Torchwood co-star Gareth David-Lloyd has defended the star was accused of exposing himself on TV sets.

The actor, 40, insists he only ever "meant to entertain and make people laugh" after ITV was urged to axe the Dancing On Ice star.

In a statement given to, Gareth – who played Ianto Jones in Torchwood from 2006-2009 – said: "In my experience on Torchwood John‘s behaviour on set was always meant to entertain, make people laugh and keep their spirits and energy high on what were sometimes very long working days. 

"It maybe that because we were so close as a cast that professional lines were sometimes blurred in the excitement – I was too inexperienced to know any different but we were always laughing. 

"The John I knew on set would have never behaved in a way he thought was affecting someone negatively. From what I know of him that is not his nature. 

"He was a whirlwind of positive energy, always very generous, kind and a wonderfully supportive lead actor to have at the helm of the show."

ITV was last night urged to ditch Barrowman after being accused of repeatedly exposing himself on the sets of BBC’s Doctor Who and spin-off Torchwood.

The actor, who played flamboyant Captain Jack Harkness in both shows, has apologised for his antics which he described as “high- spirited behaviour, larking about and tomfoolery”.

Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner confirmed she had reprimanded him after a complaint about his lewd behaviour on Torchwood.

Witnesses describe the flashing as inappropriate pranks, not sexually predatory behaviour.

The Guardian newspaper said Jena (not her real name), a runner and driver on Doctor Who in the early 2000s, said she often saw Barrowman expose himself on set, saying: “He would get his genitals out on a regular basis . . . which he just thought was really funny.”

Barrowman insisted it was “only ever intended in good humour” and never meant to be sexual in nature.

He added: “With the benefit of hindsight, I understand that upset may have been caused by my exuberant behaviour and I have apologised for this previously.”

But last night Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke told The Sun on Sunday that Barrowman should step down from a family show such as Dancing on Ice.

Mr Shelbrooke said: “Inappropriate behaviour like this is not acceptable no matter what the circumstances.

“ITV and the BBC have a responsibility with the standards they set.

“Dancing On Ice is a family show and ITV shouldn’t be willing to indulge this behaviour in any way.

“It’s incumbent on broadcasters to show they are not condoning such behaviour in any way.”

Last night ITV remained tight-lipped over whether Barrowman would return as a judge.

A spokesman said the on-screen Dancing On Ice talent “would only be attached to the forthcoming series closer to the time”.

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