Jimmy Kimmel Sends Guillermo to Audition as a Dancer for Gwen Stefani's Vegas Residency

Guillermo shows up in a sparkly “Rich Girl” tank top ready to take it down to the floor … but he might need a little help getting back up.

Guillermo has done a lot of things as Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick, but this has to be one of the most exciting opportunities he’s been presented with. And he certainly went for it with his dance audition to join Gwen Stefani’s Las Vegas residency.

"He definitely has a different look from anyone in our show and that’s a good thing," Gwen said upon first seeing Guillermo in his sparkly "Rich Girl" tank top. He certainly came dressed to impress, but did he have the moves to back up his spirit and attitude?

That’s a big negative. As in no. No he did not. Not at all. No.

Guillermo was hilariously inept in every way, including how to ad-lib his own twist on Stefani’s classic lyrics.


"This shit is Guillermo," he sang. "G-U-I-M-L-Y-R?-?-M-O…" Yeah, we have no idea what he was spelling there, but it definitely wasn’t Guillermo, unless he spells it with a lot of silent letters.

The whole skit was filled with silly moments, and Gwen and her entourage did a great job of staying in character throughout, including video confessionals like we’re watching Guillermo’s audition reality show. Actually, we would totally watch that.

And so it was with a heavy heart that Gwen finally had to let Guillermo go. But he wasn’t leaving without one last heartfelt speech. "Before I leave, I want to tell you something, he told her. "I might not be a great dancer, but I have a big heart, big belly, a big butt and I think you guys are making a big mistake. Thank you very much."

It was enough and Gwen agreed to put him in the show. "I cannot believe they fell for that speech," he then said in a confessional of his own. "Dumbasses!"

But that moment led to the best part of the whole thing and that is the fact that Guillermo totally did show up and appear in Stefani’s show for one night. He was part of the motivational circle before they hit the stage and he even had a key role for one of the songs. Did the audience know who he was? Probably some of them. Was it good?

Well, we’ll let Guillermo and Gwen tell you in the video above. Or you can just see for yourself and see how you think he did. We have to say the costuming for his big debut was fantastic!

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