Jeopardy! fans accuse producers of accepting 'incorrect answer' DAYS after game show is slammed for ‘inconsistent’ rules | The Sun

JEOPARDY! fans have accused producers of accepting an "incorrect answer" during tonight's episode.

It comes just days after viewers slammed the show for its "inconsistent" rules.

On tonight's episode of Jeopardy!, host Mayim Bialik, 46, read the clue: "100 years ago, In November 1922 Howard Carter made this discovery some 3,000 years after the death that caused its creation."

The then two-day Champion Jeff Weinstock buzzed to guess: "What is King Tut?"

"More specific?" pressed Mayim.

"What is King Tut's body as a mummy?" he replied.

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"King Tut's tomb, that's correct," said the host.

However, some viewers were shocked to see that Mayim accepted such a vague answer.

"I don’t think 'King Tut’s body as a mummy' is the same as 'King Tut’s Tomb'", mused one on Twitter.

Another fan wrote: "That was the longest clarification but not exactly the answer."

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"'Tomb' not does not equal 'body as a mummy,'" snarked a third.

Despite Mayim's leniency with this answer, Jeff was unable to hold onto his winning streak tonight.

Instead, technology professional Joe Feldman emerged victorious with $22, 900 in winnings.


Earlier this week, fans ripped the show for being "inconsistent" after they believed they had uncovered "proof" of even more lax rules in the past.

The drama came after champion Megan Wachspress' fourth victory was called a fluke and fans claimed she "robbed" competitor Sadie of a win.

During Final Jeopardy, Megan emerged victorious over Sadie after Mayim determined that she hadn’t finished writing down her correct answer in time. 

The win was controversial, with fans sounding off so much online that Megan finally made a statement of her own on Twitter.

The controversy continued online for days, with fans noting various examples of similar situations in the past.

Jeopardy! Fanatics argued over a previous incident in which a contestant wrote the answer "Who is John Denve?” leaving the "r" off John Denver.

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Mayim Is currently sharing hosting duties with former champion Ken Jennings, 48.

Viewers are now eagerly waiting to find out which of the two will be announced as the next permanent host of Jeopardy!.

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