Jenelle Evans posts video of Jace and fans notice a mark on his back

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans loves that her children are back home and she’s been sharing videos on her Instagram Stories of her kids playing around on her property. This weekend, Jace was even with them, playing with his siblings.

In one video, which was shared on Twitter by a Teen Mom 2 follower, Jace is seen playing by what appears to be a hammock, tickling his younger brother Kaiser.

It’s a boomerang video, meaning the same few seconds play on repeat. In the short clip, Jace turns around and you can see a little mark on his back. It didn’t take long for someone to question whether Jace had been injured by someone else.

“That’s a decent size mark on Jace’s back, I understand he’s a kid… but most kids have [scrapes] and bruises, but this is a pretty big wound for a kid his age & on his back?” read the tweet from the person who shared the video, adding the hashtag “#ImJustSaying.”

The mark on the back could be a bruise, but it could also be a birthmark. At first glance, it doesn’t look like a wound that had been bleeding.

Last July, Jenelle had to defend herself and David Eason over accusations that David had beaten Kaiser. At the time, Nathan Griffith claims that his son came home with marks on his body, marks that were allegedly left there by David.

David and Jenelle have never been charged with child abuse or neglect. Just this spring and summer, CPS investigated the couple over alleged child neglect after David was rumored to have shot and killed the family dog, but the case was closed after an intense investigation.

Jenelle Evans has yet to comment on the marks on Jace’s back.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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