James Bond fans can watch No Time To Die at home in a matter of DAYS

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The latest James Bond film No Time To Die hit cinemas on September 29 after years of delays caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Now, after spending weeks at the top of the box office charts, Daniel Craig’s final film is reportedly coming to streaming services in the next few days. 

No Time To Die is reportedly hitting Video On Demand (VOD) on November 9.

Reporter Cade Onder recently posted a screenshot of an advert that claimed the film would be available to watch on Tuesday (9th).

He captioned the image: “God damn that was quick, No Time To Die is going to VOD on Tuesday, November 9.”

This information has since been confirmed by Screen Rant, who posited this fast turnaround could be down to Universal.

It is as of yet unclear whether this release is worldwide, or just for the US.

Currently, the price for the film’s rental or purchase has not been announced.

However, considering you can rent Spectre on Amazon Prime Video for £3.49, it may not be bank-breaking.

No Time To Die was internationally distributed by Universal, which has a “31-day theatrical exclusivity window for all its films”.

This means that the film was always due to hit the small screens after those 31 days were up. 

This is extremely exciting for Bond fans who will be able to watch their new favourite 007 film again from the comfort of their own home.

The release of No Time To Die also comes at an opportune time, as it apparently risks being knocked off the box office top spot by an upcoming 1980s movie reboot.

Data from Mobilewins suggests Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be even more popular than No Time To Die.

With new VOD sales counting towards the box office, it may yet retain its top spot for another few weeks.

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Fans will have to make do with No Time To Die on the small screen in the meantime as the future of James Bond is still unannounced.

Craig stepped down from the role, meaning a new actor will soon be sworn in to protect and serve in Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

At the moment, there are a number of actors who are in the running for this epic film role. 

At the top of the list is Richard Madden of Eternals and Game of Thrones fame.

He currently has 7/2 on becoming the new 007, beating out Tom Hardy in the process.

The fan-favourite and Venom star currently has 4/1 to become Bond.

James Bond No Time To Die is in cinemas now.


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