Jake Tapper Talks About ‘The Outpost’ And What It Says About The Ongoing U.S. Mission In Afghanistan: Q&A

Nothing was more important to me and more nerve wracking than last October, when we showed it to them. It was right around the time of the 10th anniversary of the battle, and Millennium Films flew in a number of the Gold Star families, anybody who had a loved one depicted in the film who had been killed in the battle. It was nerve wracking for both Rod and myself, and for other producers, because we wanted them to appreciate the film for what it was, but also it’s tough to imagine what they’re going through. A, Gold Star families, people who have lost their sons or their husbands in battle, and B, watching those last ones depicted on screen, and then C, and most importantly, and most devastatingly potentially, seeing their loved ones’ death depicted on screen.

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