‘I’ve had a fabulous career’ Billy Connolly addresses fears he ‘will die soon’

Sir Billy Connolly jokes about people 'hurying' to give awards

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Comedy legend Sir Billy Connolly joined Lorraine Kelly from his home in Florida to talk about comedy, living with Parkinson’s disease and moving to Florida. However, the interview took an unexpected tern when the comedian made a dark joke about receiving a lifetime achievement award.

Lorraine asked the star how it felt to be awarded so many accolades for his comedy over the decades.
When discussing receiving lifetime achievement awards for his work with Lorraine, Sir Billy joked: “They’re hurrying up in case I die!”
He added: “I’ve had a fabulous career. Nobody could complain about it. Jammed theatres with people roaring with laughter – that’s all I wanted and that’s what I got.
“I love it. I have no intention of doing the comedy thing again but I might do something here and there.”

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