ITV viewers crease as MP lorry-driven by lag jailed for importing drugs on lorry

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A comical segment of a prisoner jailed for drug trafficking using lorries driving a government minister in a lorry has left viewers in stitches.

Last night's (October 24) ITV 6pm bulletin was highlighting a new scheme where convicts were helping with the HGV shortage.

And, arguably, the channel stumbled across the most appropriate person to deliver haulage – a former drugs trafficker.

Preceding the interview, host Mary Nightingale said: "Prisoners could be part of a solution to the recent lorry driver shortage, according to the Justice Secretary.

"Radical plans unveiled today where serving inmates will be recruited to drive trucks. It's seen as offering offenders a second chance, but there are doubts over just how much it will actually help."

The footage cuts to man in an lorry, who wasn't named, who later appeared to be driving Justice Secretary Dominic Raab around.

He told ITV's Consumer Editor Chris Choi, who had explained about the man's drug trafficking conviction: "I do understand people's concerns with it, but at some point the punishment needs to stop.

"I'm earning money, paying tax and a certain portion of my earnings goes back into the victim support fund, as well."

While it's hard to argue against the driving skills of the man, several people took to social media to poke fun at the irony of the segment – which has been viewed more than 500,000 times since being posted to TikTok.

On Twitter, @HardcoreNostal1 wrote: "Just nipping over to Amsterdam, tell my probation officer I'll be back in time!"

And @NevJones10 quipped: "Well at least he's experienced".

On TikTok, one user filmed himself laughing uncontrollably as the "drugs trafficker" line was read out.

Speaking about the scheme, Mr Raab later told LBC: "The call centres, the HGV companies, those with shortages, those who are recruiting and can't get British staff from outside prison to do the job – why shouldn't we actually say, do you know what, this is plugging some staff shortages, this is helping these people to go straight and this is cutting reoffending?

"So I say to the critics, look, I can demonstrate it works, this is making your community and the public safer – this is just win-win. It's smart policy and it's smart politics."

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