It Snows in Benidorm REVIEW: A stilted and utterly perplexing film

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Her follow-up begins in Manchester where Timothy Spall’s weather-obsessed bachelor Peter is being made redundant from his bank job. Bored of photographing clouds for his scintillating website, Peter decides to visit his estranged ex-pat brother Daniel in Benidorm.

But Daniel fails to turn up at the airport, and when Peter makes his own way to his brother’s apartment he learns that he has been missing for days.

From here everything goes loco. Peter decides to register his brother as a missing person with the local police chief who speaks excellent English but is determined to answer all his enquiries in literary quotations.

So he turns detective, dressing up in Daniel’s sharp suits and enlisting the help of a local femme fatale (Sarita Choudhury), an American nightclub performer who seems to have been inspired by infamous Tenerife artiste Sticky Vicky.

Coixet’s unusual editing technique (characters occasionally jump across the frame for no apparent reason) give this stilted and utterly perplexing film the air of a forgotten (and probably for good reason) David Lynch movie.

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