Is Captain Sandy from 'Below Deck Med' Happy With Anastasia Surmava's Culinary Skills?

When Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean had to fire Chef Mila Kolomeitseva, she needed a fast replacement. Luckily, Yawn could easily pivot to third stew Anastasia Surmava to act as a temporary replacement chef for the upcoming charter.

Survmava already displayed her culinary talents before Kolomeitseva was let go. She mentioned she did some cooking on a previous boat, plus her mother is a professional pastry chef. So when Yawn found herself “chef-less” Surmava seemed to be a logical temporary choice.

Surmava managed to seriously impress the guests as the team received the largest tip in Below Deck Med history. Yawn made Below Deck Med history by moving a third stew into the job as the chef, despite some crew member concerns.

The crew was hesitant

Despite Yawn’s confidence that Surmava was the one for the job, some crew members were a little doubtful. When Surmava expressed some anxiety about taking on the job during cocktail hour with the crew, bosun João Franco’s comments didn’t help.

He reminded Surmava that she wasn’t a Michelin chef and should maybe re-consider her position if she was too worried about the new role. Franco was asked about his comments during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“I’ve had amazing and incredible chefs, and you can get away with one or two amazing charters,” Franco asserted. “I was just worried she wouldn’t be able to hold the position by herself.” Also, chief stew Hannah Ferrier looked completely freaked out when Yawn told her Surmava would be in the kitchen instead of being a stew. But that was likely because Ferrier loved Surmava’s work ethic and hated the thought of breaking up the tight team.

But Surmava rose to the challenge

She may have hesitated about the role for a moment, but Surmava headed into the position with gusto. She scrutinized meal ideas and dove into provisioning. But she still had her share of doubters.

Ater Yawn named her as the new chef, Surmava took to Instagram to take down the haters. She posted a picture in her black chef’s coat looking super confident and at ease. “You can say I’m not a chef, but you can’t say I don’t look good in black,” she wrote.

She is also clearly confident with the team. Surmava posted a funny video to her Instagram story where she panned the pre-charter crew lineup. “My God, look at this sexual group of people,” she says as the deck team flexes their muscles. Meanwhile, Yawn grins and shakes her head.

Has she impressed Captain Sandy?

Yawn had high hopes for Surmava when she asked her to become a full-time yacht chef. In a confessional interview Yawn said she trusted Surmava. “I trust her, I’ve witnessed what she can do and she has the right attitude,” Yawn said. “Why wouldn’t I want to propel someone from the third stewardess to the galley. Let’s do this. Let’s see your potential.”

After the episode aired, Yawn tweeted support for her new chef. “So proud of Anastasia stepping into this new role. Can’t wait to see what she does!” Now that she’s one charter in as a full-time chef, what does Yawn think now? Yawn tweeted, “Anastasia never ceases to impress me with her culinary skills!”

Indeed she is killing it in the kitchen. But a preview shows Surmava may run into a rough patch next episode.

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