Inside the movie Hocus Pocus – with Leonardo DiCaprio link, Friends fountain and moth horror

KIDS of the 90s have fond memories of the Halloween Disney film, Hocus Pocus but the film has some surprising secrets not even die hard fans would know.

The hit witchy movie is making a comeback with a hotly anticipated sequel which will see its original Wicca Sanderson sisters making a return.

Hollywood superstars, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy will play the witch siblings in Hocus Pocus 2.

While the sequel is yet to have a confirmed release date, there's plenty still to love – and learn – about the first film.

Those were real moths coming out of Billy's mouth

Depending on your sensibilities, it was either the grossest or funniest moment of the film, when Billy Butcherson coughs up moths.

The character, who had not spoken in 300 years, opens up his mouth to utter some words and nothing comes out but moths and dust.

The shocking thing is that real moths were placed into actor, Doug Jones' mouth in order to film the scene.

Special effects guru Tony Gardner, told Bloody Disgusting they built "a rig inside [Doug's] mouth to house some moths and dust for him to cough up on command".

There was more than one Thackery Binx

The character that started the Hocus Pocus story was actually played by two actors.

Sean Murray opens the film as the dashing teen who struggles to save his sister Emily, after the Sanderson sisters snatch her away.

But he did not voice the cat version of Binx who was doomed to live as a feline.

That honour went to actor James Marsden.

A famous 'Friends' star appears

Maybe not as famous as Jennifer Aniston, but the fountain that appears in the popular sitcom Friends' opening credits is certainly iconic.

That distinct fountain has a string of acting credits it seems, popping up in Hocus Pocus when then trio of kids are walking through a park after thinking they'd killed the Sanderson sisters.

Binx & Emily fur-ever

In the final fight where cat-Binx is battling the Sanderson sisters after vowing to destroy them for killing his sister Emily, the feline gets injured.

But what he does next pull at the heartstrings – he lays down by Emily's grave and passes away.

Leonardo DiCaprio could've starred

You know him as celebrated Hollywood icon, Leonardo DiCaprio, but he might've got his start on Hocus Pocus.

Leo auditioned for the role of Max, but then turned it down to star alongside Johnny Depp in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

"I don't know where the hell I got the nerve," Leo told Variety of the decision.

But it seems like it was the right thing to do, he went on to be Oscar nominated for the role.

Celine Dion's writer got involved

Sarah Jessica Parker's famous song, Come Little Children, was written by James Horner.

He also penned Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On from the film Titanic.

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