Hugo Hammond breaks down in tears after snaky comment about 'taking Sharon home to his mum', claim Love Island fans

HUGO Hammond broke down in tears after making a snaky comment about "taking Sharon home to his mum", Love Island fans have claimed.

ITV2 viewers saw the PE teacher, 24, sobbing in a preview clip ahead of tonight's instalment.

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The Hampshire lad breaks down in tears after he finds himself offending Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka.

He tells them: "Well obviously I didn't mean it maliciously."

Later he holds his head in his hands, as Jake Cornish throws and arm around him.

While Hugo is sobbing, Faye screams: "I don't give a f**k if he's crying".

Viewers were quick to speculate on what could have caused the feud, with one eagle-eyed fan suggesting that a comment Hugo made in the first few days may have triggered the fallout.

One fan predicted: "I was wondering if it was some sort of backlash for his comment about Sharon not being the kind of girl he could take home to his mom.

"It's kind of old news but that's the only thing Hugo has said so far that I could think of. It's probably a new comment though."

Another shared: "Ok but why am I more invested in finding out wtf Hugo said than in the cliffhangers so far."

Last week fans branded Hugo a "hypocrite" for saying he "can't take Sharon home" – despite the school teacher admitting to having sex in street.

Viewers fumed at the reality star's double standards as he made the confession while chatting to some of the boys.

He confessed: "For me it's a clash of personalities. I know it sounds ruthless, but I couldn't imagine bringing her to meet my family, outside of here.

"That's it – you can't get past that."

Hugo, 22, also elaborated in the hut and explained: "There's no romance there."

Meanwhile Sharon Gaffka, 25, complained about their chemistry and said: "I'm not a lost puppy, I'm not the type of girl who will follow you around and hope for some attention."

But as soon as he made his comment, viewers were quick to remind the PE teacher about his confession the previous day.

During a tell-all game, the Islanders were tasked with reading out anonymous sex confessions while wearing devil outfits – and had to kiss who they believed were behind the confessions.

One of the confessions featured an unnamed boy snogging ten girls on the same night out.

Faye Winters read out the confession, saying: "Oh dirty! This boy once snogged ten girls in one night. I think it's going to be Hugo."

Faye then planted a huge kiss on Hugo – and got the confession right.

It was also revealed that Hugo once slept with someone in the middle of the road.

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One furious fan raged: "Hugo what do you mean you can’t take Sharon home? My girl has a law degree, works for the civil service, is a literal beauty queen and a feminist icon like ?!?!?! #LoveIsland."

Another joked: "Hugo is bare funny..he’s shagged in the middle of the street n pbly started coro by lipsing 10 babes in one night yet he’s talking bout can’t take her home to my parents lmaooo #LoveIsland".

"Frankly I wouldn’t wanna take someone who’s had sex in the middle of the road home either. But you know that’s just me," added one surprised viewer.

A fourth wrote on Twitter: "Hugo pls you were sexing in the street like a fox 😭 about you couldn’t take her home #LoveIsland".

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