Hollyoaks Vicky death fears, heartbreaking exit and DeMarcus campaign twist

Hollyoaks favourite Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) vows to take down The Undertaker aka Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) once and for all next week.

In upcoming scenes of the Channel 4 soap, Sienna wants to know where she stands with Norma after finding out that Joel Dexter (Rory Douglas-Speed) was threatened at the carnival.

She realises Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) could be in danger but doesn’t want to get involved.

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However, when an urn arrives with her name on it, she vows to take down The Undertaker.

Reeling from being threatened, Sienna recruits Ethan Williams (Matthew James Bailey) to help her get rid of Norma once and for all.

The pair play dress up to break into Norma’s hospital room, but can they really outsmart The Undertaker?

Later in the week, Norma puts Warren to the test as she has a shocking proposition for him, but will he accept when he realises what is at stake?

Elsewhere in the village, a heartbroken Lizzie Chen-Williams (Lily Best) demands answers from Sid Sumner (Billy Price) after hiding from her.

Backed into a corner, Sid is forced to tell Lizzie the truth about why he left.

Sid has some big news for his family and Dave Chen-Williams (Dominic Power) gets a harsh warning after Lizzie confronts him.

Also, Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) and Leah Barnes (Elá-May Demircan) visit DeMarcus Westwood (Tomi Ade) at young offenders, where Leah tells him about her success with the ‘free DeMarcus’ campaign, but he has lost all hope of being freed.

Felix tells Leah to put out a cash reward for whoever can prove his son’s innocence.

There’s some hope for DeMarcus when an anonymous witness from the night of Saul Reeve’s stabbing comes forward.

Taking matters into his own hands, Felix poses as a buyer and arranges to meet with Joseph Holmes’s mother, Gill (Angela Lonsdale), to gather information on her son, but will he be able to keep up the ruse as he runs into other Hollyoaks residents?

There’s also a change of heart from Vicky Grant (Anya Lawrence) when she witnesses Joseph’s (Olly Rhodes) short temper first hand and decides enough is enough.

A frantic Vicky searches for her phone containing the evidence that could save DeMarcus, but she gets a shock when she finds out it’s in killer Joseph’s hands.

As she desperately tries to put things right, she comes up with a risky plan to trap Joseph in his own lies, but will she end up in danger herself?

Hollyoaks now streams first on All 4, with new episodes dropping each weekday morning. The show airs Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes at 7pm on E4


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