Hollyoaks star wants five more kids as she considers freezing her eggs

Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe has spoken about her fertility journey, revealing she’d like to have five more children.

The actress, best known for her role as Mercedes McQueen, already has a young son with her ex, Greg Lake, a Geordie Shore star.

Jennifer is very open to growing her family but knows she needs to meet the right person and for it to be the right time.

‘I’d absolutely love to have more kids. I’d like to have five or six, but the time and person I’m with would have to be right’, she told The Sun.

‘I know I want to have more children, so I had my eggs tested about three or four years ago. I was so young then and I had a lot of eggs, which was great. But apparently the number can drop at any point — and quite dramatically.’

‘I’m reaching 40 next year so maybe I will have them frozen’, she added to the publication, opening up about her plans and hopes for the future.

‘Judging by the logistics I really should, because I’d love a massive family. Daye [her son] always asks me, “mummy, can you have a baby boy or a baby girl?”, and I reply, “I don’t know darling, hopefully I can”. I’m in no rush to meet a partner to have kids with, so I would consider adoption, or any other ways of having a child.’

Jennifer’s character departed the Hollyoaks village a few weeks ago for a small break, following the return of Silas.

The former landlady of The Dog was left incredibly concerned about her son’s well-being after he murdered his twisted granddad.

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