Holly Willoughby had a glamorous job in Switzerland before finding fame on TV

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This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby revealed to Saturday Kitchen host and chef Matt Tebbutt about her life before TV presenting.

As she appeared on the BBC show, she started talking about her food heaven and hell and shared her excitement at being a guest.

As Matt asked her what her favourite food was, Holly revealed that her idea of heaven was a chicken Kiev.

She said: "Chicken Kiev, a proper one, is the best.

"But I also love Swiss food, I love cheese fondue.

"I was an au pair in Switzerland for a season and when I was there I simply … ate cheese.

"Yes that's all I did because it's my favourite, any opportunity that someone had to melt some cheese."

Matt added: "It's a great combination.

Holly's admission comes as no surprise as she makes her love of babies and kids obvious whilst presenting on This Morning, and is usually seen gushing over any newborn guests.

The star has previously admitted that having babies appear on the show often makes her feel broody after welcoming three kids with her husband Dan Baldwin.

Meanwhile, Holly got a gentle scolding from Matt at the start of the show as she asked if they could skip her food hell, which was tuna.

As Holly said the only seafood she can stomach is mussels, but she had to eat them in the dark, Matt said to her: "You're an odd one aren't you?"

Holly replied: "Really odd. That's why we should all cook chicken Kiev and forget all about this silly thing."

Matt laughed awkwardly before telling: "That's not how this works," as he then described the chicken meal.

Holly gasped as she said: "Let's stop right there. Let's not discuss hell."

Matt replied: "No we have to, because we have already prepared it," before saying he was going to try and replicate tinned tuna.

Saturday Kitchen airs on Saturdays at 10am on BBC.

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