Holly Willoughby giggles as she reveals she doesn’t wear underwear in bed

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have revealed the clothing they like to wear to bed.

In their usual discussion of the big issues in the day's news on This Morning, they turned to the burning topic of whether it was acceptable to wear pants under pyjamas in bed on Tuesday.

Co-hosts Holly and Phil were talking about a discussion between Susannah Constantine and Woman's Hour's Emma Barnett, where Susannah said usually pants shouldn't be worn but Emma claimed they always should.

This Morning contributor Giles Brandreth kicked things off by admitting he liked to sleep naked, although he joked his wife insisted on keeping the lights off and putting a bolster down the bed.

He said: "Phillip and I have many things in common, waxing is one of them, but also, the freedom of sleeping naked."

Phil smiled and agreed: "In bed you should just wear a smile."

Nick Ferrari, who was also calling into the show, jokingly claimed to keep himself fully covered up with a nightshirt and cap at all times.

Then, Phil decided it was Holly's turn to answer the question.

He asked: "Ermmmm, Holly? You started this, we’ve all fessed up. Would you wear pants under your pyjamas?"

Blushing, Holly replied: "Well, I didn't start it, Susannah Constantine started it.

"I would wear a big T-shirt…"

She then collapsed into fits of giggles as she confirmed: "No pants, no pants. No pants.

"Stop making me say no pants on the TV."

Also in Tuesday's episode, Holly revealed the embarrassing moment she had needed 25 takes to get her one line on Midsomer Murders right.

The TV star was offered a cameo role in the crime drama back in March, but admitted that when it came to filming her big scene in May, things hadn't gone quite to plan.

She said: "Well, you know, I wasn't take one, put it that way. Or take two, or take 10.

"By about take 25 I finally got my words out, but it was fine."

Phil asked: "Did you have a lot to say?"

Laughing, Holly replied: "One line. I had a few scenes, but one line, I couldn't get it out. But I had a really good day."

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