Holly Willoughby giggles as new Harry and Meghan pics gets ripped apart on air

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This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are left in fits of giggles as they showcase Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new photoshoot snaps.

The pictures come from the new issue of Time Magazine and show the couple posed together in a series of romantic shots.

The two hosts were joined by journalist Camilla Tominey and presenter Matthew Wright on the show who delved into a discussion about the royal images.

Holly began: "I mean the thing is, it's a great image of the show of them but a lot of people are saying it looks incredibly airbrushed.

"Camilla, every magazine cover in the world is airbrushed to a certain extent, isn't it?"

To which Camilla replied: "I think so yeah, I mean you have had stars in the past like Kate Winslet saying they have been made to look too thin.

"What made me laugh about this is my best friend sent me a message and I think someone had tweeted that this photograph reminded them of going to the hairdresser and having the male hairdresser stand behind you and say 'are you happy with this blowdry?'"

The whole room erupted into laughter as the presenters struggled to keep their giggles contained.

Camilla continued: "Meghan has so much hair and Prince Harry is behind her and she looks like the dominant force in that image but I know there are a couple of others where it is more evenly matched."

This Morning producers then showed off the other images that were less comical to the cast.

Phillip then chimed in to add: "Body language experts have even gone as far to say Meghan looks powerful in the photo while Harry is emasculated.

Holly then added: "I think that's so unfair."

Phillip then continued: "Doesn't this play into what we've been saying for a very long time, that no matter what they do they're going to get battered, Camilla?

Camilla responded: "You're probably right, I just love glossy images anyway. I love seeing people dress up to the nines and depicted in this way. They both look very good and very Hollywood.

Phillip then added that another image out of the bunch has a "look of Avatar about it"

Matthew then shared a hilarious anecdote from a past photoshoot experience of his own.

He said: "I did a Hello shoot when Cassidy was born and I didn't look at the photos Mrs Wright did and she only looked at herself and didn't look at me.

"I ended up looking like Julian Clary's slightly camper brother and which I obviously am not and didn't even recognise myself because so much had been done and they've obviously done the same with Harry and Meghan."

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