'High School Musical' Director Just Confirmed 1 Popular Fan Theory

High School Musical was one of the most popular Disney franchises of the 2000s. It followed students at the fictional East High School as they tried to live out their dreams, learning about love and friendship along the way.

The success of the first HSM movie in 2006 allowed for the franchise to produce three films as well as other spinoff projects like stage musicals, book series, video games, and even a show on Disney+.

Given how popular HSMis, it is not surprising that fans have spent years discussing various thingsrelated to the franchise. There has even been a popular fan theory floatingaround about a character, which director Kenny Ortega recently confirmed to betrue.

Fans like to believe Ryan Evans is gay

Ryan Evans is the brother of the film series’ main protagonist, Sharpay Evans. Although Sharpay is often seen to be selfish and manipulative, Ryan is portrayed as her nicer counterpart. He has an easier time getting along with the rest of the students at East High.

For years, fans have been pushing for Disney to make Ryan agay character, which would have allowed him to be the first one in DisneyChannel Original Movies history.

Additionally, some fans have also gone further and say that another character, Chad Danforth, is gay as well. Ryan and Chad had a famous scene in High School Musical 2 when Ryan tried to convince Chad to take up dancing, which seemed to ooze of sexual tension, according to social media.

What actor Lucas Grabeel has saidabout his character possibly being gay

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Ryan’s actor, Lucas Grabeel, has addressed the fan theory ofhis character being gay before. In December 2019, he told TVLinehe would rather not put a “label” on Ryan.

“Ryan was a guy who was really excited about theater and artand dance choreography and bright colors and hats,” Grabeel explained. “But healso liked Kelsey, and he really liked [Zeke]. He didn’t need a label, becausehe wasn’t ready for that. He was still learning about himself and about peopleand where he fit into the world.”

He also added, “I didn’t mean for it to be a giant statement.I actually wanted to be kind of subtle. I wanted to add nuance and littlethings that you might catch the second or third time you see the movies. Iwanted people to think, ‘That character’s more complex than I thought,’ insteadof saying, ‘Oh, he comes out in pink and you know he’s gay.’ That’s not what wehad in mind.”

Kenny Ortega just confirmed Ryanis gay

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On June 30, director Kenny Ortega revealed that the popularfan theory is true, and Ryan might have come out at another stage in his life.

“The character of Ryan [played by Lucas Grabeel] in High School Musical, Sharpay’s twinbrother, we decided he’d probably going to come out in college,” Ortega told Variety.“It was less about coming out and just more about letting his true colors comeforward.”

The reason why Ortega, who is gay himself, did not have thisexplicitly stated in the movies is because he simply did not feel like Disneywas ready for it, despite the company being more “progressive” than mostothers.

Ortega continued, “I was concerned because it was family andkids, that Disney might not be ready to cross that line and move into thatterritory yet. So, I just took it upon myself to make choices that I felt thatthose who were watching would grab. They would see it, they would feel it, theywould know it and they would identify with it. And that is what happened.”

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