Helen Skelton and Gorka Marquez sparked spat between judges

Strictly: Helen Skelton jokes 'being sexy isn't a priority'

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Week two of the BBC dance competition saw Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton and partner Gorka Marquez perform an energetic Cha Cha to Lady Gaga’s Rain On Me. During the VT footage beforehand, Helen admitted to not feeling sexy, with Gorka admitting they were working on that part of the dance. As they took to the dance floor and stunned the audience, Craig Revel Horwood was left disappointed with Helen’s “bent” leg, causing a spat between the other judges.

Body language expert Judi James has analysed the interaction between the couple and the judges and revealed there was a “body language battlefield”.

Standing in front of the judges after their dance, Motsi Mabuse praised their performance and said: “Well I thought the opening was fantastic.

“You had big energy and strong, and I can see she knows what she is doing and I loved it. I am impressed well done.”

Head judge Shirley Ballas agreed: “Well I am also impressed, I am impressed with the coordination, I just want to say, when you started on the stage you stood on the super strong leg so it shows me that you have those beautiful legs and feet.

“As it went through the programme, it got a little bit lost, keep working on that because it will be a huge asset.

“Get the legs in place, get the feet in place, get the posture in place and everything else will come, well done.”

Anton Du Beke congratulated: “Well I have to admit, I completely agree with what is being said, you started off and I went ‘Yeah baby! I want more of this because you have got it you have just got to believe.”

Keeping to his cold heart and stern words, Craig said: “Technically it was very poor I’m afraid, it will never look good unless you have a straight leg darling.

“They were bent all the way through,” to which Shirley interjected and shouted over: “Not all the way! Not all the way!

Craig continued: “So for me, it wasn’t great but you have good rhythm. All right, not all the way, I’ll agree with that, but it’s true. This dance will never look good.”

Noticing the tension between Craig and the judges, host Tess Daly quipped: “No one else agrees with that.”

Judi told the Mirror: “This was a body language battlefield, not just for Helen and Gorka but an even bigger and more open spat broke out between the judges as they gave their comments.

“Helen and Gorka are the most well-matched couple of the series in terms of physicality and personality. They mirror each other enough to suggest instant rapport.

“It should be an easy and complimentary ‘fit’ and for the start of their Cha Cha, they looked more like a professional dance couple than one pro and one celebrity amateur.

“However, it lost some of its dynamic confidence as it went on and the result was open warfare between the judges.”

She continued: “The judges do have joke fall-outs but his one looked more authentic, with signals of what appeared to be states of aggressive arousal all around.

“Craig used the word ‘poor’, referring to a mistake made ‘all the way through.

“Shirley kicked off, shouting ‘not all the way’ bringing out a stabbing, pointing finger that she aimed first at Craig before bringing it down on the desk.

“This mimed attack was returned with interest by Craig, who also started pointing. Motsi sat between them pretending to dance to keep the peace but even she threw her hands in the air with an expression of open-mouthed shock.”

Helen and Gorka scored an impressive 27 on Saturday night which was combined with their week one score of 26, giving them a total of 53.

Strictly Come Dancing returns Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC One.

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