GMB viewers rage as Piers Morgan suggests ‘no NHS’ for those without vaccine: ‘Disgusting’

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Piers Morgan, 55, and Susanna Reid, 49 chaired a debate on Good Morning Britain about the latest developments from of the COVID-19 pandemic after it emerged earlier this week the Pfizer vaccine was 90 percent effective in combatting the disease. Although many have been left jubilant at the news, there are some sceptics who have voiced their uninterest in having the possible solution to the coronavirus injected into them because of how quick it has been formulated. However, the outspoken ITV presenter made his opinions very clear about those who oppose the medical treatment.

Towards the end of the debate, he told viewers they “shouldn’t be able to fly aboard” or be able to receive certain “NHS treatments” if they are refusing to help combat the illness.

Co-host Susanna was taken aback by his remarks, pointing out it would be making the vaccine mandatory “by stealth”.

Taking to Twitter, viewers were not impressed as one wrote: “#gmb Piers Morgan the new Gestapo, if you don’t have the vaccine you won’t be allowed to… utterly disgusting when the survival rate is so high.”

Another added: “#GMB no vaccine no hospital treatment eh Piers … what about no hospital treatment for smokers then or those that mistreat their body by overeating!”

“Piers threatening people, not on,” a third remarked as they disagreed with the presenter’s point of view.


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